Wednesday 25 May 2016, Insane Judin Hermaphodrite Fag Man, McDonald’s Vancouver, BC

Yesterday, when I bought my dinner, at the McDonal’s at Pender st. Vancouver, BC, an anti white racist Judin hermaphodrite went insane when he saw my swastika shirt. The Judin fag man said to me, „Can I ask you a question?“ I responded, „yeah,“ then the anti white racist fag man threatened me by saying, „how can you wear that shirt without getting bunched.“ The questioned didn’t make sense to me for several reasons, everyone knows the double standards concerning the fags, with their „pride“ a code word for genocide against the Aryan race and their „rainbow“ flag, which also represents genocide against the Aryan race, because of those facts, I responded to the Judin fag man, „your question is invalid,“ for his insanity to defend the killer fags, literally. Then the anti white racist Judin hermaphrodite said, „how can you wear that shirt without getting kicked out,“ I responded and I pointed to the employees of McDonalds’s, „they know not to discriminate against white people.“ The Nazi swastika IS the racial representation of the entire Aryan race.