Monday 16 May 2016. I Heard Rumors, Yesterday, The Geographical Location Of San Francisco International Airport, No Longer Exists

San Francisco International Airport was reclaimed land, not God made in geography. Besides the big one earthquakes which occurred in southern California, there were large after shocks in southern California to cause continuous damage around San Francisco, CA. The San Francisco International Airport soil liquefied because of all of the earthquakes and the geographical location of San Francisco International Airport no longer exists. I heard rumors, the northern part of the San Andreas fault may rapture soon. It is ironic, about the long distance of large earthquakes in southern California was very destructive around San Francisco, but the large earthquakes which occurred at southern California were large enough to cause damage in Vancouver Canada, not by the shaking of the earthquakes but from the P seismic waves. It does make sense San Francisco was severely damaged because of the effects of the southern California earthquakes at Vancouver Canada. Another thing that was ironic was the mythical 1906 earthquake reports of the shaking, which by facts of the long distance earthquakes which reached Vancouver Canada from southern California, the shaking reports of the 1906 earthquake doesn’t make sense. It is also reasonable to assume, Los Angeles is completely flattened (man made structures) by the large earthquakes there.