Sunday 3 April 2016. My Last Day In The USA As A USA Resident (Complete 24 hours)

Yesterday, Sunday 3 April 2016, was my last day as a resident of the USA. Yesterday, after I washed my clothes and packed, I spend the day on social media, watching TV, and I took two light naps. Today, Monday 4 April 2016, I woke up after 3:30 am. I am anxious to leave for SFO, not anxious as in emotionally nervous but I wish I can leave very soon. During the trip to SFO, I will take pictures and post them on Instagram, if I have time at SFO, I will post the pictures on all my social media accounts. As it turned out God bless me again, I didn’t have to see the Avalos family nor any visit of the Avalos family. It was somewhat strange about how things turned out with the Avalos family, I thought I would be somewhat sad to leave them permanently and for my mom’s oldest daughter Judy Avalos. God wanted me to discover the truth of the Avalos family hypocrisy of family love. Now I don’t feel any sadness about never to see the Avalos family again but I feel relieved I will never have to entertain such hypocrisy of their false family love and their degenerate behavior nature!!


February 24, 2016. Santa Clara County Government Building, „State Of The County“

Yesterday during the evening, I attended the Santa Clara County state of the county address, from 5 pm to after 6:30 pm. I don’t watch, nor hear on social media nor on TV much political speeches until recently with Donald’s Trump campaign speeches. Yesterday’s speeches during the entire event is the most hypocritical speeches I have heard. The county’s president lack emotions of enjoying his job, the emotions of his speech sounded as if the county’s president was only saying junk statement which is the extremist liberal old stereotype of California. Those people in the county building who have speeches, their minds are still in the 1990’s liberal corrupted political mindset. Between the 1990’s and 2016, I have witness a very drastic change in the American cultural. One example of the drastic cultural change in America is the current day entertainment industry, movies and music. Nigger music is no longer popular, neither is nigger style clothing. Themes in the majority of modern day music has changed compared to the 1990’s, now in America, the majority of popular music, music played in Barnes and Noble have Aryan supremacy lyrics. Current day movies now have promotion of heterosexuality, Aryan supremacy, and Christianity, such movies during the 1990’s would had been protested and the protests would had been in the National News!! A fake „Christian“ niggress at the State Of The County address had an insane speech which was not in reality according to the Bible nor in the current time. The niggress is a relic of the corrupted times of nigger Martin Luther King Jr!! The „prayer“ the niggress prayed was in contraction of the Bible, according to the Bible, how God did treat his own enemies. In the Bible God cursed his enemies to their death, King during the Old Testament prayed to God to destroy their enemies. The niggress omitted the Biblical fact God already had everything predestined and the individual choice to follow God or their own choice to be evil. No one is „Good,“ in God’s view, „for all have sinned,“ God is very strict with sin, Christians have mercy through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, that is saved by Grace not by „good works.“ The niggress had a very insane view of race similar to a insane „cume by ya“ hippie insanity mindset!! The part of the president of the county speech that was set in the current time, is the decreased in population, specifically the mestizen population in the Santa Clara county. In the last decade, San Clara county, according to recorded racial demographic had a majority population of mestizen, during the speech, the president of the county of San Cara didn’t speak about the former majority mestizen population and instead spoke about the Vietnamese population in Santa Clara county. During the last recorded racial demographics of Santa Clara county nearly two million residents lived in Santa Clara county. The president of the county spoke about immigrants, specifically colored immigrants and compared to the former nearly 2 million population only 100,000 immigrants needed assistance!! I don’t know the percentage of one hundred thousand out of nearly two million but the percentage is obviously very low!!

Fox News Online Report, An Exaggeration Of Nevada Republican Vote For This Tuesday, February 23, 2016
Two Fox News reports who are against Donald Trump exaggerated the vote in Nevada which will be held this Tuesday, February 23, 2016. Donald Trump has won two USA states of the votes before the National Republican Convention, which officially nominates the individual to run as the candidate for the Republican presidential. The exaggeration from Fox News is as if Donald Trump lose the Nevada vote, Donald Trump lost the presidential elections, the reporters were reacting in the news report as if this Tuesday, February 23, 2016 is national election day November 2016, and as if the population of Nevada out numbers all population of all other states. In reality, the two states which Donald Trump has already won has a population greater than the total republican vote of Nevada. It is not as if the Republic vote of South Carolina were simply a few individuals, as if New Hampshire only had a few individuals too!! Most likely the total populations of New Hampshire and South Carolina out numbers the population of Nevada!

I Wonder, What Became Of Elizabeth’s Pedersen Assets?

It has been nearly one month since Elizabeth Pedersen has been in federal prison, between Sylvia Lopez and Elizabeth Pedersen, Elizabeth Pedersen had the most to lose by being arrested. First, perhaps Elizabeth Pedersen valued more her own education than the two sons Elizabeth Pedersen bore. Elizabeth Pedersen attended the University of Santa Barbara in California, attended two laws schools, had a doctorate in law „esquire,“ past one of the most difficult „bar“ test in the USA. Elizabeth Pedersen didn’t even had a chance to use her qualifications to received a proper income. Elizabeth Pedersen was a stay at home mom, who was planning to practice law, when her children got older, so Elizabeth’s Pedersen education, time, money, for her law education was literally wasted, since Elizabeth Pedersen will spend the rest of her life in federal prison. Besides the value of Elizabeth’s Pedersen education, probably, the second most of value for Elizabeth Pedersen was the emotional comforts of her house, which Elizabeth Pedersen inherited by marriage to Peter Pedersen as joint owners, thirdly, what Elizabeth Pedersen valued in her life was her two boys, Peter and Daniel. I wonder if Peter Pedersen was arrested too? If so, I wonder how, Elizabeth’s Pedersen children private school was informed about the two kids? I know, the federal government will reclaim Peter’s Pedersen property after, the property tax isn’t paid. Peter’s Pedersen biological family were in financial deficits, they would either, allow the property to be claimed by the government, which is a highly possibility, since, they know Elizabeth Pedersen was arrested to government issues and the corruption of the ownership of Peter Pedersen house may lead into an governmental investigation on how the other Pedersen received the house. I do know, Elizabeth Pedersen had her children in the will of the property, I doubt her children can claim the house by their father’s family, I don’t know the entire situation of how much people were arrested by Elizabeth Pedersen actions. I was somewhat surprised Elizabeth Pedersen lasted six months without doing any illegal activities after her sister Sylvia Lopez got arrested! Thank God, God answered every detail in my prayer, when for an unknown reason Elizabeth Pedersen became very angry when I started to visit San Francisco in October last year.

Useless Argument With Dr. Burns

Two days ago, I received Flonase in the mail, my insurance did cover the payment. When I was discussing the $12 dollars payment for Flonase, Dr. Burns told me, „you said,“ concerning the $12 payment for Flonase, as if I controlled how my insurance will cover the medicines, I told Dr. Burns, „I didn’t say that, I heard it on the news.“

Link From WGNTV About 12 Protesters Against American Federal Agency ICE Got Arrested
The protest today in Chicago, IL was a protest about the deportation of illegal aliens arrivals who arrived possibly at the time of mass illegal aliens entrance into the USA during the year 2014.

The Mestizin Communist Documentary „A Class Apart“

Today, January 21, 2016, I went to the King Library in San Jose, CA, after the disappointed event at the nearby USPTO. I saw a documentary cover which states the name of the documentary „A Class Apart“ with the mestizen manipulation of hiding their criminal past to manipulate the laws in the USA for „civil rights.“ The documentary are full of silly lies but if one noticed the scenes and the usage of spoken language, one can noticed the historical corruption by the Mestizen people during the 1950’s. In the documentary, it is discussed, a situation in court where a mestizin man killer’s lawyer states to the judge, it is illegal for the mestizin killer to have a jury of non Mestizen people, that doesn’t make sense because during that time, Jim Crow laws were LEGAL, all that was needed to overrule the mestizin objection was the other lawyer to state Jim Crow laws!! That is done in today’s court system, laws are argued by current laws and it is the judge who decides which law is justify in that particular situation, the lie about the mestizen lawyer objected to the judge because the jury isn’t mestizen, is as if Jim Crow laws didn’t exist at that time. Something very corrupt did happened during that case which is covered up by the lie of a Mestizen lawyer objecting to laws which didn’t exist yet at that time. Another example of the silliness of the lie of the objection is, another lawyer can make the mestizen argument said insane, the other lawyer can saw, if the person has cerebral palsy, would that mean all jury members are required to have cerebral palsy!! Or if a person couldn’t talk, would that mean we needed a mute jury, because the mestizen lawyer’s argument was the Mestizen man doesn’t have „peers“ in the jury. The documentary „A Class Apart“ did show scenes of Los Vegas and some description about mafia involvement by one of the lawyers who was to be heard at the US Supreme Court, it may be possible those mestizin fag lawyers were involved in the mafia.