McDonald’s At Pender St. Is The Metaphor Capital Of The Non Mankind Inferior Degenerates At Vancouver, BC

From the locations, I have been to in Vancouver, the McDonald’s at Pender St has the most insane non mankind inferior degenerates, which I have encountered. I have term the McDonald’s at Pender St, metaphorically the capital of the insanity of the non mankind inferior degenerates at Vancouver. Today, I encountered a non mankind inferior degenerate female, who was racially mixed with chink and aboriginal ancestries. I knew the female chink aboriginal was born in America, because in America, the racial term „native“ is used to describe the Indians at America, at Canada, the racial term „native“ is Aboriginal, which means „not the original“ people. I knew the homeless female chink Aboriginal was insane because she asked me if I was „Hispanic.“ Which in Canada, I don’t know the popular term for the Mestizin people, I replied to the female chink Aboriginal, „I am German,“ then the female chink Aboriginal asked me if I was „native,“ which I didn’t really knew what she meant, but I replied to her again, „I am German.“ From my encounters with people, when asked „where are you from?“ Is a question of one’s birth place. One the TV news, I did heard the term „native“ to describe someone’s birth place. Then the female chink Aboriginal said some incomprehensible non sense, as jiberish, so I knew the female chink Aboriginal was mentally unsound.


The Movie „Where Hope Grows“

I loaned a DVD movie from King Library in San Jose, CA the name of the movie is „Where Hope Grows.“ „Where Hope Grows“ is a horrible movie, the movie is pointless and has nothing to do with the Christian faith. In the description of the movie, it is described as a Christian themed movie, I watched the movie for over one hour, there isn’t any theme of Christianity. The movie is about a bunch of losers, drunks, people who are in bad relationships, retarded employees who are blackmailed, which the movie empathise the retardedness of the Judin hermaphrodite fag man.

April 27, 2016. Funny Day At Palo Alto, CA; Stanford University

During my walk today at Stanford University, I noticed most pedestrians were bicyclists, fast riding bicyclists, lazy too, they only traveled at the main campus grounds, where the buildings are located, it was revealed to me by a gossipers, the reason, those bicyclists were riding fast is because their fear of the gravity fairy tale of gravity reserving and non mankind inferior degenerates falling up into the sky. Then the non mankind inferior degenerate gossipers, further explained those bicyclists who are afraid of falling up into the sky are a bunch of homosexuals, fairy tales referring to gay non mankind inferior degenerates and fairies referring to those fictional characters who fly. During the bus ride from San Jose, CA to Palo Alto, CA; most of the Judin hermaphrodite fags of both sexes were gone, in majority, in Sunnyvale and Mountain View, Palo Alto, CA still has Judin hermaphrodite fags but their numbers are decreasing too. In Sunnyvale and Mountain View, CA most Judin hermaphrodites are gone because of the Gestapo.

Insane Gossipers Were Vague For The Reason Of Their Insanity

For several months now, all across America, there has been insane gossipers but they haven’t gossiped for the cause of their insanity! Last night, I was trying to figure the cause of the insanity of the gossipers, I discovered the gossipers became insane for their fear of dying in a Nazi gas chamber in America. I watched the movie „Sybil“ she had multiple personality disorder, in the movie „Sybil“ Sybil’s personality are emotionally triggered whenever Sybil is in a stressful situation, the personalities of Sybil is a manner for Sybil to not face her main fear, a sort of insane distraction, to avoid the main emotional issues or fear. I was the movie „Rosenstrasse“ where Jews committed suicide from jumping off from buildings, will the insane gossipers copy the suicides of the Jews of the 1930’s?

Post About The Verdict Of San Jose State University Judin Male Hermaphrodite Who Beaten Nigger Student

In America, the racial term „white“ is still the same definition of the old Jim Crow laws, being both Aryans, and what the science of racial DNA analysis of the racial Judin. In court the racial two Judin males were recognized as „white,“ in news reports, it was described the two Judin males physically attacked the nigger student, it was also described in the news, the two Judin males said nigger epithets towards the nigger. Also in the news report, was the descriptions of swastika flag and the Confederate flag were placed in the nigger student’s room, it is good, the court didn’t manipulate the National flag of the Third Reich nor a former National flag of the Confederate flag and lie that it was a hateful racial items for the nigger student. The verdict for the two Judin males are legally sound, they were charged with „battery“ the physical beating of the nigger student, the Judin students were NOT charged with a Hate Crime!! Racial epithets are protected by Freedom of Speech!! Yesterday, on Twitter, I read tweets about the insane idea, of no niggers on the jury, that idea is truly insane because the same legal argument, may be used for a mentally retarded individual, with the same argument about the jury has to be mentally retarded to be „peers“ with the individuals in court!! If they use race for „peers“ for a jury, that does leave a legal precedent for all types of „peers“ in a jury, including mentality retarded jury for being „peers“ for the a mentally retarded individuals in court!! There is much racism at San Jose State University for all races, some months past, Sandniggers were racially profiled and searched by San Jose State University employees, anti white racism is also at San Jose State University by the librarians at San Jose State University. Racism for specific races are manifested differently, the non mankind inferior degenerates may not noticed the practice of anti white racism because it is a different form of racial harassment but I do noticed it because of what my mom told me about the movie „Sweetland“ the anti white racism opposed on the character in the movie because the female was German, in addition of my mother, who told me, the description of anti white racism, I do know they vague conversations are a form of anti white racism because during the time I do go outside, I don’t hear those same vague conversations with anyone else, anyways, if that vague conversations were popular, they would be many verbal arguments occurring, which is not the case.

February 24, 2016. Santa Clara County Government Building, „State Of The County“

Yesterday during the evening, I attended the Santa Clara County state of the county address, from 5 pm to after 6:30 pm. I don’t watch, nor hear on social media nor on TV much political speeches until recently with Donald’s Trump campaign speeches. Yesterday’s speeches during the entire event is the most hypocritical speeches I have heard. The county’s president lack emotions of enjoying his job, the emotions of his speech sounded as if the county’s president was only saying junk statement which is the extremist liberal old stereotype of California. Those people in the county building who have speeches, their minds are still in the 1990’s liberal corrupted political mindset. Between the 1990’s and 2016, I have witness a very drastic change in the American cultural. One example of the drastic cultural change in America is the current day entertainment industry, movies and music. Nigger music is no longer popular, neither is nigger style clothing. Themes in the majority of modern day music has changed compared to the 1990’s, now in America, the majority of popular music, music played in Barnes and Noble have Aryan supremacy lyrics. Current day movies now have promotion of heterosexuality, Aryan supremacy, and Christianity, such movies during the 1990’s would had been protested and the protests would had been in the National News!! A fake „Christian“ niggress at the State Of The County address had an insane speech which was not in reality according to the Bible nor in the current time. The niggress is a relic of the corrupted times of nigger Martin Luther King Jr!! The „prayer“ the niggress prayed was in contraction of the Bible, according to the Bible, how God did treat his own enemies. In the Bible God cursed his enemies to their death, King during the Old Testament prayed to God to destroy their enemies. The niggress omitted the Biblical fact God already had everything predestined and the individual choice to follow God or their own choice to be evil. No one is „Good,“ in God’s view, „for all have sinned,“ God is very strict with sin, Christians have mercy through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, that is saved by Grace not by „good works.“ The niggress had a very insane view of race similar to a insane „cume by ya“ hippie insanity mindset!! The part of the president of the county speech that was set in the current time, is the decreased in population, specifically the mestizen population in the Santa Clara county. In the last decade, San Clara county, according to recorded racial demographic had a majority population of mestizen, during the speech, the president of the county of San Cara didn’t speak about the former majority mestizen population and instead spoke about the Vietnamese population in Santa Clara county. During the last recorded racial demographics of Santa Clara county nearly two million residents lived in Santa Clara county. The president of the county spoke about immigrants, specifically colored immigrants and compared to the former nearly 2 million population only 100,000 immigrants needed assistance!! I don’t know the percentage of one hundred thousand out of nearly two million but the percentage is obviously very low!!