I Wonder, What Became Of Elizabeth’s Pedersen Assets?

It has been nearly one month since Elizabeth Pedersen has been in federal prison, between Sylvia Lopez and Elizabeth Pedersen, Elizabeth Pedersen had the most to lose by being arrested. First, perhaps Elizabeth Pedersen valued more her own education than the two sons Elizabeth Pedersen bore. Elizabeth Pedersen attended the University of Santa Barbara in California, attended two laws schools, had a doctorate in law „esquire,“ past one of the most difficult „bar“ test in the USA. Elizabeth Pedersen didn’t even had a chance to use her qualifications to received a proper income. Elizabeth Pedersen was a stay at home mom, who was planning to practice law, when her children got older, so Elizabeth’s Pedersen education, time, money, for her law education was literally wasted, since Elizabeth Pedersen will spend the rest of her life in federal prison. Besides the value of Elizabeth’s Pedersen education, probably, the second most of value for Elizabeth Pedersen was the emotional comforts of her house, which Elizabeth Pedersen inherited by marriage to Peter Pedersen as joint owners, thirdly, what Elizabeth Pedersen valued in her life was her two boys, Peter and Daniel. I wonder if Peter Pedersen was arrested too? If so, I wonder how, Elizabeth’s Pedersen children private school was informed about the two kids? I know, the federal government will reclaim Peter’s Pedersen property after, the property tax isn’t paid. Peter’s Pedersen biological family were in financial deficits, they would either, allow the property to be claimed by the government, which is a highly possibility, since, they know Elizabeth Pedersen was arrested to government issues and the corruption of the ownership of Peter Pedersen house may lead into an governmental investigation on how the other Pedersen received the house. I do know, Elizabeth Pedersen had her children in the will of the property, I doubt her children can claim the house by their father’s family, I don’t know the entire situation of how much people were arrested by Elizabeth Pedersen actions. I was somewhat surprised Elizabeth Pedersen lasted six months without doing any illegal activities after her sister Sylvia Lopez got arrested! Thank God, God answered every detail in my prayer, when for an unknown reason Elizabeth Pedersen became very angry when I started to visit San Francisco in October last year.