The Ending Of The Movie „Angel In The House“

In the movie „Angel In The House“ the main character leaves his adopted family, all of his information disappears, such as pictures, public records, and IDs. I knew after I left America, a similar event would happen to me, and I knew it did. My bank credit card only worked for awhile in Canada, before my bank account in America was deleted. I no longer have a DMV ID record. I planned for a one way trip to Canada, knowing the real possibility, I will never return to my former apartment in San Jose, CA. I bought with me, one pair of pants, one shorts, 4 t shirts, my mom’s Northwest Hospital souvenir pillow heart, the teddy cows which my maternal Grandmother Eva Braun bought for me in Sunnyvale, CA, and the teddy bear London cop officer. Those three items are of value for me.


My Mom’s Death By The Definition Of The Christian Bible Was An Act Of God

My mom died the next day, after her open heart surgery. My mom was in perfect healthy physical condition after her open heart surgery. My mom does know how she passed into heaven, my mom would say, her death was a miracle, for two reasons, it proves God wanted my mom to be with Him in Heaven, the second, my mom’s death can’t be explained by man’s „science.“ My mom’s death was God’s will. It is somewhat strange, how my mom’s death was the beginning of the Biblical definition of the Tribulation. The year my mom passed, a lot of junk happened in America, the Satan Worshipers were manipulating the laws a placed a Satan idol in the Florida state capital, the popular Nigger Movement, the destruction of Baltimore, Maryland, by nigger riots, the illegal manipulations by most of the levels of government within the former USA, from city mayor, state governors, „Jewish“ worship in the USA capital building by an USA employee. Illegal executive actions, illegal USA supreme Court decisions which violated the separation of Church & State, the legal practice of placing Christians in jail for practicing Biblical verse against homosexuality.

I Do Know What Will Eventually Happen To My Residency Status In Canada, I Will Get Canadian Citizenship

Queen Elizabeth is my Paternal Grandmother, I am the next monarch of the United Kingdom and the Common Wealth, because of this, I can’t be forced to leave Canada. I do know, eventually, I will get Canadian citizenship. What I want to do in Canada, is do what I couldn’t do in Seattle, because of the severe anti white racism. because if the severe anti white racism, I couldn’t finish my education, nor get a job which would have an income where I can prosper and do what I desire. I do want to earn an income of my own, travel, and attend Christian concerts. My residency has taught me a lot about my future life in the United Kingdom, now I do know, I am allowed to keep all of my social media accounts, I can wear clothing of my own choice, keep my Youtube account which I greatly appreciate. The only difference about returning to the United Kingdom would be I will be living in palaces with staff. My mom was right about Queen Elizabeth, I asked my mom about picture of Queen Elizabeth among the public, I thought those pictures were fact. My mom told me when Queen Elizabeth is in public people can’t talk to her unless she first talks to them and Queen Elizabeth does carry money to purchase items. I asked my mom, why would Queen Elizabeth carry money with her, my mom explained to me all the money belongs to her. My mom didn’t explained how Queen Elizabeth obtain money but I think my mom told me the truth, some withdrawl from the ministry of treasury. I can have my own private cell phone too with number. I thought my life in the United Kingdom would be very strict, with government issued phone with code numbers, I thought I would be allowed in public because of the security risks, I thought every time I left the palace, I would have to tell my security detail every destination of my outings, but again my mom told me the truth, she told me the Royal family can leave the palaces on their own, my mom told me, at the times, the royal family has security is because, they want company. My mom also told me how the public, interacts with the Queen in public, they have to behave as if they don’t know her.

My Residency At My Own Apartment In San Jose, CA, America Was From 5 May 2014 Through The 30 April 2016

I lived at my own apartment for less than two years at Casa Real Apartments in San Jose, CA. My apartment itself was OK. I hated everything else, the neighborhood, neighbors, the San Francisco Bay Area, California, being near my mom’s family who didn’t care about me. Since January of this year, I have been isolated from the Avalos family, luckily, I never saw the Avalos family since my trip to Chicago, IL in January 2016. My residency at San Jose started on the 15 of January 2016. Although the plan was, if my mom survived the open heart surgery, I was to remain at Judy’s house, my mom and I planned for the possibility for an extended stay for my mom at a nursing home until my mom fully recovered, at that time, my mom told me I should go to Illinois with my mom’s half brother. Some days after my mom died, I realized I was truly alone, I told Judy, now I am alone, Judy said, Bobby was there but as it turned out, after my mom died, I did become alone. I also explained to Judy, that my relationship with my mom was more of a friendship. When my mom and I moved to Seattle, my mom and I spoke about I wanted to live independently but still live with my mom, my mom wanted my to rent an apartment so the transition to move on my own would be easier while my mom was alive.

When My Mom Was Alive, During Our Residency, My Mom Never Told Me About The Mass Upside Down Phobia Of People In California

Now I know my mom didn’t like the upside down phobia paranoid people of California, because during our first ride to Washington state, the weather was foggy and misty, my mom was excited about people being on the water, while the weather was misty and foggy. My mom told me, people don’t even go outside much even when the weather is warm and sunny at California. During my residency at California during the 1990’s most people at the San Francisco Bay Area stayed in the metropolitan cities of the Bay Area. There are nature parks on the hills of the Bay Area, plus the beaches. San Francisco Bay Area had a population of millions, yet, not many people visited the nature parks nor the beaches. Sacramento was a little different compared to the San Francisco Bay Area, during hot weather at Sacramento people did went on their boats on both the Sacramento river and the American river, even Folsom Lake was busy during the summers. In Seattle and here at Vancouver, BC, people still go out on the water, except it is reverse here because, people in the northwest adapt to the cooler weather. The typical heat waves at the northwest are temperature in the 80’s F people would stay inside during those day, or malls, libraries, movie theaters, and parks during the evenings.

God Decided Boston, MA, Wasn’t Good For Me To Reside

Earlier this year, I wanted to live at the eastern half of America but specifically at Boston, MA. It turned out God didn’t want me to reside at Boston but instead God moved me to Vancouver, BC, Canada. It is ironic how God predestined things even at the geographical level. It is like Vancouver, BC is the geographical Boston of the North American west coast, Seattle, WA, is similar to the geography of Manhattan. So, in a way God did answer my request but not at Boston, MA but a geographical copy of Vancouver, BC. Something else is ironic concerning me and my mom. Vancouver, BC is on the southwest coast of Canada, another geographical copy of San Diego, CA. My mom desired to live around Santa Barbara before she did, my mom did live a few months at Goleta, CA. My mom enjoyed Goleta a lot, especially the activities of the students who attended the University of California at Santa Barbara. My mom explained to me, she lived in a neighborhood which had UCSB students, my mom told me the students walked happily to their campus in pajamas during the winter rain storms, many students in my mom’s neighborhood at Goleta, CA walked to the beach with surf boards. I think before my mom moved to California, she was looking forward to live in California, about the old stereotype of California, of beaches, marine weather, and cities right near the coast. My mom was disappointed about California in general because that old stereotype was a lie but at least my mom lived at Goleta, CA to fulfill her desire to live at the old lie California stereotype of beaches, et cetera. Another similarity of Santa Barbara are is the geographical name of South Coast, which is too another geographical name of Vancouver, BC.

When I Lived In Seattle, WA: I Dreamt A Similar Building, Which I Told My Mom


When I lived in Seattle, when my mom was alive, I dreamt of the red building, not the color, but the same geographical setting among evergreen trees, on a hill near the water, it was windy in my dream. The building I dreamt, wasn’t so clear about the purpose, but it was a University, I my dream, I had to check in there but don’t know for what for, then that part of the dream ended, and I dreamt of San Diego, California, the geographical small peninsula South of Mission Beach at a light house, lower on the hillside closer to the Ocean was some type of small structure, in my dream San Diego had a big earthquake and the small structure next to a grass field fell down into the ocean in a landslide, my mom was very surprised and she asked me, „how did you know that was there?“ I explained to her I dreamt of the light house but I haven’t seen in pictures, media, nor in person, the western side of the small peninsula. My mom told me, „God is showing you the truth.“ My mom asked me where she was during the stormy check in at the University and how I felt emotionally. I told my mom I felt excited, and I continue to tell my mom, I didn’t had to call anyone about my location, my mom was totally; not in my dream nor my mom’s descendants nor my mom’s siblings.