March 9, 2016. My First BART Ride To Richmond, CA

Commercial in BART train, subliminal message about deporting anti white racist Mestizin to protect the Aryan race in America, "Blue Campaign"

Today, I rode on BART for the first time to the San Francisco East Bay city of Richmond, CA. It was ironic, how my day began, because, I had memories of some of the gossipers, when I lived in Lake City in Seattle. The memory was triggered because I was reminded of the trip, my mom and I took to Sacramento area in 2010. At that time, when my mom and I traveled through Citrus Heights, CA, Citrus Heights was very different from when my mom and I lived in Foothill Farms in Sacramento county. All the homeless people were no longer pedestrians on the street of Foothill Farms, I asked my mom what happened, my mom said, „it has changed,“ my mom further explained „everything changes,“ but my mom and I know Mestizin during that time in California were self deporting out of the USA. During the late evening ride to the Amtrak station, my mom and I rode on Sacramento’s county paratransit muni bus. The driver was a mestizin man, he told my mom he was planning to move to Mexico because of the difficulties he had living here, although he wasn’t specific about the issues he had in America. My mom discussed to the Mestizin man, my mom and I live in Seattle, Washington returning to our apartment but visited my mom’s daughter in Sacramento county. My mom did discussed our previous residents in Sacramento county, the Mestizin driver asked my mom if she would prefer to return to California, my mom explained to the Mestizin man, „we enjoy living in Washington very much, the weather, the water, the hills, the forests,“ my mom explained how the ever green trees made Seattle as if Seattle is a city in a forested mountain. When the Mestizin man told his difficulties in America, my mom told the Mestizin man driver about the mass deportation of the Mestizin in Washington state, from what my mom heard on the radio news in Seattle, WA. The other conversation about returning to live in California was because of my mom’s daughter, my mom did say, the only reason my mom would return to live in California would be, to be near in geographic distance for her daughters even though my mom very much enjoyed living in Washington state. My mother told the Mestizin driver about the ICE deportation of Mestizin in Washington state because the Mestizin man driver told my mom he couldn’t get a good job which would support his financial needs, that was when my my spoke about the Mestizin field workers in Washington state Northwest Interior, who were deported by ICE. When the Arizona state law passed, so did the ICE agents in Washington state. Lake City was a neighborhood in Seattle where the homeless people would linger on the street because of the social services there, food banks, free dinners at neighborhood churches, and METRO bus system. From our apartment balcony door on the 6th floor, my mom and I had a view of one of METRO’s bus stop, where the homeless people would often sleep there, on several occasions, I saw ICE officers arresting homeless people at that bus stop, then when my mom talked with her daughters in Sacramento county and Hollister, CA, often there were shooting, whether the shoutings were local gossipers or actual situation were somewhat unclear at that time but the shoutings only occurred when my mom had phone conversations on the phones, the shoutings were „oh no not again!“ People explaining the natural born citizenship in America, and mass gossipers out „they are deporting more people from the park.“ That hysteria from mass gossipers never reached Seattle area, expected of the news my mom heard on the radio and the Mestizin at „The Strong Rock“ church in South Park in Seattle but at that time, I thought the Mestizin were exaggerating the mass deportations of their Mestizin friends or perhaps, those Mestizin were constantly being asked from ICE agents to carry their passports because my mom’s oldest daughter in California told my mom, even born citizens in California had to carry passports with them, if not even born citizens would get deported. That was what I thought before going to BART for a day ride, that is why I wrote the commercial of the illegal Mestizin on BART was ironic, it is true the American government doesn’t want any Mestizin in America. The commercial itself is from an USA government agency, since the change Donald Trump has made in „political correctness,“ now the government itself is changing from the „political correctness“ to subliminal messages which convey a message of wanted Mestizin for criminal activities and the „blue campaign.“ „Have you seen him?“ is typical of the old government „wanted“ posters.


Link From WGNTV Chicago News. Mestizin Opinion of Current 2016, Is Not Being Shared On USA News
I would guess the typical reaction by the mestizin in America would be what former president Fox of Mexico said in a interview with Fox News. In this link from Fox News, even a Republican presidential candidate has negative opinion of the Republican party. Today, I researched online about the mestizin opinion of the 2016 USA presidential campaign, nothing but lies in those interview about the mestizin in America. The mestizin people are a evil, malicious people, bunch of criminals and killers. Mestizin are killers isn’t an exaggeration!! This week, in the Bay Area, a mestizin illegal alien man murdered his girlfriend.