Fox News Online. Fall From Los Angeles Building, Is Being Investigation As A Suicide Fox


Link From Fox News Online. Report About Small Protest At Trump Rally At Salt Lake City, UT
In the link from Fox News Online, it is stated mestizin extremists protested at Salt Lake City, UT, who are against Donald Trump. For most of the 2016 presidential campaign, the Mestizin junk people were omitted from National news, it wasn’t until recently, the national media started to report about the Mestizin junk people, who are protesting against Donald Trump.

Link From Fox News Online. News Report About Enrollment In „Mizzou“ Is 25% Down For Fall Enrollment In 2016
It is very good the University of Missouri known as Mizzou will lose income as Mizzou released student enrollment for Fall of 2016, enrollment is 25% down, which in fact will decrease income for the University of Missouri.