I Have Experience God’s Crucifixion Grief By The Slowing Of Relationship Between God And His Aryan Supremacist Children, By Fault Of The Camera Developers Who Developed The Camera As The Demons Were The Model For The Development Of The Camera; Scriptures Of Confirmation Of Diabolical Intention As The Inspiration Of The Camera  

God has given me scriptures which has confirmed the guilt of the slowing of the bonding lies with the demon possessed corpse of the non mankind inferior degenerate Hermphrodite Sadomaschmists Who has purposely made the camera to be satanic for stop the manifestation of the Holy Ghost; I also read scripture of the innocent intentions by my Aryan Supremacist brothers of talking about the camera as to joke with me but to be forceful in joking in an effort of being encourageable. Thus, I felt great grief and I felt as Jesus felt on the cross, a separation from the Aryan Supremacist people by guilt of the demons who had tricked my innocent Aryan Supremacist heterosexual brothers and desperate to reform and continue are joking by the 30/30 tv northwest news magazine metaphor of playing with God’s Nazi humor with God’s Nazi perfect children!!! Finally I was able to cry but before much heavy grief by with I preferred to become instantly unconscious because the feelings were so horrible to be sensing them. God did allowed me to sleep and I knew it was another lesson to be learn but I needed a little encouragement in a general direction spoken by my mom of which I saw pictures of Brandon Tasche and another photo which reminds me of Brandon Tasche true personality of a short child looking man with the same sad innocent eyes Brandon Tasche has, that is why I have nicknamed Brandon Tasche the weeping prophet. I then read a very about trinken which was the reason I have Brandon Tasche the Tasche disegnation of Tasche because of the Lord’s last supper with union with the Holy Ghost. I then read verses which described the guilt offenses by the devoplers of the camera because the devoplers who made the camera as their true intentions of making the camera was to stop the Holy Ghost but the camera was modeled after the basic mode of comprehenable communication by which is the only understandable mode of communication by the herd mentality of the radio receivers reaction, because with such insanity was the purpose of the camera as being inferior existing as very simplistic but having great geographic limits to impose and the stupidity of the graven image as to be idolized was the primary reason of the development of the camera; I have discovered this idolatry fact by the 30/30 jokes based on my Gods‘ personality of making fun of the „shroud“ of Jesus Christ which eventually lead me to the Bible verses which has confirmed the satanic purpose of development the camera for intentional sin for promoting the graven image and to stop the manifestation of the Holy Ghost.