(Post Alexander Lapin photos) 2016 Has Been A Great Year Of Blessings And A Truly Wahrheit Happy Year: The 30/30 Tv Northwest News Magazine End Year Collage. Monday 12 December 2016; The Description Of „Gay Sex“ And Shit; I Sense Nothing But Disgust As The Same About Feeling To Stomp On The Face Of The Wannabe Edward Snowden And The Butts Of TheAryan Supremacist Heterosexual Man: I Sense God’s Presents As Angelic Men Children Being In Which Brings Me Sadness Of Grief For The Loss Of My Mom Maria Hitler Razcon; Around This This Date In 2013; Was When My Mom & I Obtain Our Last Christmas Tree at Northwest Food Harvest Near Fred Meyer At Lake City Seattle, Washington: My Maternal Grandmother Eva Braun Used The Nazi Definition Of JUDIN Specifically Against The Front Lineless Sterile Wannebe Clitoris Of The Judin Hermphrodite Man Definition Of Their Literally Worthless „Penis,“ With Same Angered Disgusting Emotions Of JUDIN, Especially During Our Visit To San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf Neighborhood During The Summer Of 1995

God’s Wrath Against The Judin Hermphrodite Men

„Homosexuality“ doesn’t exist but it does existence as a termology of the word JUDIN which are the corpse embodiment of literally worthless pieses of shits of demons which the word JUDIN does describes!!! Shane is nice! No, Shane is naughty! God has used Shane Harper is a specific manner which blessed all Aryan Supremacist heterosexual men; the ending of 2016, has been the funest year of my life of being as teasing playful teenagers with our sexual bodily images. It was a time of complete freedom of youthfulness and healing and in protesting the demonic possessed corpse of the non mankind inferior degenerate IDOLITORS; in which God used as to prove to the lifeless demonic possessed corpse idolitors what heterosexual is authentically visually manifested in our physical behavior and this protesting in witnessing against the demonic possessed corpse of the Judin hermphrodites has brought me deep joy as to mean „you have been absolutely incorrect this entire time and how noticeable your falsehood really is.“ Yesterday, I saw pictures of a Judin hermphrodite man „modeling“ by Instagram pictures and several things are very noticeable; first the fruits of the flesh of vanity and the Judin Hermphrodite demon man is exploiting the vanity in the Judin man’s pictures. The Judin hermphrodrite man did tired to imitate some vague position of sexual arousal of Aryan Supremacist heterosexual men but the Judin man lacked life itself and the poses were specifically planed as if some pyschoctic game the Judin man was playing out in his demonic carnal shit head! Plus the Judin man appeared totally deformed as if the shit of the Judin man can be crushed by simply by visual commands of the Judin man’s shit torso to implode. I have noticed the expression of the prophet Mose and a picture of Shane Harper, if it were not for the pictures I taken of myself during the late afternoon at Bellingham library I would had discovered the appearance of God’s wrath and in an attempt to hide the obvious God rebuke you demons and go to HELL but I will disclose this You can’t separate the love of God from the wrath of God and therefore all I need is to discuss my wrath of God. I first noticed my wrath appeared severe in being very angered and authentic and I was fascinated in knowing specifically but knowing I do have God’s image why I looked different from, for instance the Prophet Mose. It was the PHOTOGRAPH of Mose SMILING in black clothing with Nazi metallic symbol objects of which I finally comprehended how different I am and the other photographs of Shane Harper is a business emotional expression of strictness rather then Shane’s personality of not being strict and another fuzzy photograph I have of Shane Harper but for some reason I have much wrath against the technologies of obtaining my image in photography, videos, and audio: for instance, I saw another photograph of le Monsieur Brandon Tasche singing in front of a microphone and I felt the same wrath as Jesus had in the temple of the Charlatans money changers and I felt as if I was physically there with the microphone I would have much rage against the microphone and I will say; „I will not be controlled by a useless piece of shit of this demonic aparatus!“ I sort of feel similarly to the technology of having both my images taken and video audio taken which is the reason I can’t pose as the prophet Mose did in the black clothing with an authentic smile nor the photographs of Shane Harper smiles but specifically the photograph of the fuzzy picture of Shane pose smile. Plus an authentic smile of mine taken on photography required an authentic interaction of love between my mom and myself. I also enjoyed making fun of how wtathful I appear in the photographs as is I am the Highest ranking judge there is with „the buck stops here“ as I am the last and complete head of all authority. I actually do enjoy the images of my wrathful facial expressions because this is the authentic self of mine. The reason of my wtath at these precise situation of technology is because this specific type of technology is exactly modeled after the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite Sadomaschmists of their lifeless conscious shit cranial head of which communication is only by herd mentality of „radio signals“ as a metaphor of such stupidity the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite Sadomaschmists only has this form of communication; the demonic possessed corpse are only radio receivers in terms in communicating!!!

The Judin mens‘ voice is drastically noticeable as the voice of the Judin men authentic does sound as the dickless wannabe Clitoris lineless front side of the Judin men!!!

Don’t you comprehend the visually obvious of German men being fertile which a workable dick to inpragnate an Aryan female; yes he is obvious!!!

I am being to comprehend the demons‘ definition of „sexy“ in appearing „friendly“ and nothing to do by the demons to feel anything sexual because demons can’t feel anything sexual

As I think of it; horse riding doesn’t look funny but very physically uncomfortable as just the clothing itself is uncomfortable
I have an idea of how horse riding feels as the city buses of Bellingham plus summer heat plus the sunburn scratchiness of the body itself of back, chest, plus the physical uncomfortable pants feeling as if walking over 20 miles in Vancouver, plus feeling acky especially the first vertibrae in the right back side

Shane you are nice, no you are „naughty!“