Sunday 11 December 2016; Today’s Prayer For God My Father 

In this picture I hated the diablic purpose of radio signals of photography which was modeled after the demonic possessed corpse of the non mankind inferior degenerate Hermphrodite Sadomaschmits in the basic form of mass communication by their shit cranial heads‘ of being only radio receivers

I have been feeling for awhile to become formally introduce to Mose; and if I were possible I would prefer Mose to become my first companion such as my mom was my travel companion. I would like to know details of the past told in stories such as the parables Jesus spoke about: such as prodigal son parable. I want to hear it explained how time feels in being long of almost 4 thousand years, if Mose had similar corrupted education about God such as I was taught of terrible hardships all Christians would face as if all Christians were to be murdered. I have thank offerings for God in granting to me $20 of which my first desires were fulfilled in God giving me the two donuts I desire and I obtained two small bags of donuts; one midium size white frosted donuts and and a little smaller sized chocolate coated donuts. I also bought petroleum jelly of which I was reminded of the fun type of being sexually aroused during what was summer weather heat during early autumn. I am thankful the highly stressed sexual arousal is over: yesterday I had some of the chaotic emotions which had lead to complexed emotional chaos during the evening and leads to a syncope. Yesterday, however, it was much different; the chaos wasn’t severe and the emotional chaos didn’t grab my attention because I didn’t noticed the precise time of the end of the chaotic emtional sexual arousal. The rest of the day went very well and it is only now have I noticed; the blessing I received in not experiencing the same stressful sexual arousal of which I have been released: specifically the sexual arousal cycles of feeling trapped. Trapped in masturbating which lead to the stressful syncope and the hopelessness feeling of sexual arousal which makes everything appear depressing with being trapped in depression; the „Fifth Wave“ movie picture I have reminds me of the depressed feeling of being geographically trapped which is symbolic of the actual two choices I had in response in being sexual which was very disappointing because I missed the fun pleasure of being sexual. I received a message from my mom about my future wife of Katharina Schuttler of which I know Katharina Schuttler desires to talk to me and for a few minutes I felt desperate in not wanting Katharina Schuttler to don’t feel desperate to talk to me in which I felt helpless because I am still in a sensitive sexual state of consciousness and I am just being to recover physically but more importantly a slower emotional recovery, compared to the physical recovery I experienced. Katharina Schuttler herself isn’t talking to me but I do have messengers or spokes persons such as the postings on Instagram and music such as „Zella Day“ and country female singers of Aryan women my mom’s age, except for the mature Aryan women of my mom’s age, I have yet to be comfortable to listen to their music on my YouTube account because of the grief of my mom; but eventually God will heal me of the grief and I will intentionally researched the country music by Aryan women, and listen to the music on my YouTube account. I have noticed concerning grief of my mom, the healing process is faster in my Aryan Supremacist brothers because I can relate to my Aryan Supremacist brothers in teenage youthful trouble making of being sexually aroused, the Alexander Lapin joking!!! For instance the joke of Shane Harper of „you are naughty!“

My „nicest“ pose for posing for photography as you can plainly see I can’t smile in photography such as the prophet Mose and Shane Harper

I only take those types of photos, I dislike the exploitation of the image of my face and when I do post images of my body, I only post photos such as my legs and feet

I don’t like this picture because of the shaving of the facial hair because the skin becomes overly sensitive with itching burning discomfort plus the feeling on the surface of the skin of cut skin caused by the razor while shaving


Sunday 11 December 2016; Basic Phrases To Prove And Rebuketh The Stupidity Of The American Dialect!!! COMPREHENDETH THOU THE ANGLO SAXON FROM THE GREAT BRITAIN!!!

Comprehendeth thou the Anglo Saxon from the Great Britain!? „Comprehendeth“ is a rebuked sarcastic work for the meaning is at this exact moment by the omission of the previously „college education“ or „educated“ stupidity junk of American dialect! The Anglo Saxon is general specific for the existence of the Anglo Saxon language; from the Great Britain is the pricise location of Great Britain which means the language of the Britian as to factually exaggerate the language originated at Great Britain, to further sarcastically the insane stupidity of both the American dialect was formulated at a location outside of the language itself and which is explicit in the reason of the development of the stupidity dialect which originated at America!!! HAST CANST THOU WORK THIS MACHINE!? CANST means at this precise moment of ability to operate; HAST means the existence or by the EXISTENCE  of ABILITY  of POWER you work this machine!? HAST CAN THOU WORK THIS MACHINE!? Which means you have much insanity in not knowing how to operate the machine. The song of Chris Tomlin „I Will Follow“

Where thou goeth, I shall goeth, where stayeth thou I stayeth, I followeth thee, How thou serveth I shall serveth.

Saturday 10 December 2016; Communication With Brandon Heath Reminds Me Of The Movie „My Step Mother Is An Alien“

It is ironic how specific the herd mentality is by the demon possessed corpse of the non mankind inferior degenerate Hermphrodite Sadomaschmists; these demons react as the characters in the movie „My Step Mom Is An Alien“ with stupidity of reacting with emotions lack of knowledge with resentments, sort of the futuristic uncomprehendable of the reality of Gods‘ communication and they are correct; it is absolutely impossible for these demons to able to comprehend Gods‘ communication. The fruits of the flesh and I have recently discovered these non mankind inferior degenerate Hermphrodite Sadomaschmists are deeply envious of youthfulness of young heterosexual Aryan Supremacist men, for one; the demons are envious of our youthfulness and playfulness; they are collectively angered at their orphan state of existing here on Earth without their Father of Satan. These demons has now lack malicious demon purpose to attempt to interfere with anything that has to do with God and we’ll of all of the end of the world junk of the 1990’s of which are held in high satanic regard an era of which these demons deadly miss for, except in addition of learning the truths in their lies of stating lies instead of the truths as I learned by the wannabe Edward Snowden: the demons lies of the 1990’s are still in their minds of fond memories of the sadomaschists junk which still feuls their sadomaschmist mindset currently; because of this, this demonic mindset of the 1990’s sadomaschmist junk is the reason the demons deeply hates any little details of Aryan Supremacy Heteorosexual of both Aryan men and Aryan woman but because the demons are aware man is closest to God; the demons becomes more demonically agitated by facts of Heteorosexual Aryan men and often prefers to actually committ suicide and actually walk to the nearest Nazi concentration camps than to even listen to the typing of descriptions of Aryan Supremacist mens‘ existence in heterosexuality. Again these demons are very complexity stupid; they don’t comprehend their existence, they don’t comprehend languages, nor reading, but yet for some reason the typing sounds are the only mode of communication which these demons do comprehend.

Sunday 11 December 2016; What If I Was Allowed To Remain To Live At Vancouver, Canada. For God My Father: And My Desire Here At Bellingham, Washington 

What I desire is to live again and not being constantly waiting as I am here at Bellingham, WA. To live for me is simple; my own apartment, new clothing, and new routines such as new barbershop, stores such as Costco, and Wal-Mart. Even though I don’t watch tv, I would like to buy a new television and all households items and aparatus. I desire to cook for myself and actually cook, not how I cooked my meals at San Jose, CA; but to have pleasure while cooking my meal and making paprika tomato spicy sauce. I wanted to explore the mountains of nearby Vancouver and visit the locations in Vancouver of Christmas festivities. I wanted to save money to travel by VIA train and see other parts of Canada: what I would enjoy by the train ride is to rest and seeing the secenery by train. I would like to had lived at Vancouver in an apartment similar to the King Arthur’s court apartment near Gastown at Vancouver near the pier of Vancouver convention center and the Vancouver central library, and I would ride on the buses and sky train and explore Vancouver. Here at Bellingham, Washington; my desire is to further witness the visual manifested of God my Father including the physical joking of Jehovah God such as items moving around or the creation of things appearing and thrown around the room. I enjoy the spiritual manifested of God against the non mankind inferior degenerate sadomaschists Hermphrodites and I wonder of funny it would be to actually see God’s actions on the physical death existence upon the demon possessed corpse; for instance the wannabe Edward Snowden, I saw God pick up a chair and very quickly hit the wannabe Edward Snowden on his Satan seat and then God twist of the rotton corpse head of the wannabe  Edward Snowden and how funny it would be is this actually happened to the wannabe Edward Snowden in Edward Snowden physical existence and then Edward Snowden died and then the dead corpse suddenly vanished!!! I have missed the Nazi joking of Jehovah God against the non mankind inferior degenerate sadomaschists Hermphrodite such as the chink food server of the fast closing of the metal lid and how Judin female would be physically eliminated which caused mass hysteria upon the demon possessed corpse. I want God to continue to talk to be audioably and I have miss the dreams of God communicating to me or prophecing to me in visions of which are confirmed by the scriptures; I have missed how God has been very explicit in communicating to me by my Aryan Supremacist siblings such as an entire post which had Brandon Heath’s message of „no turning back“ and the jokes we have of our pretended 30/30 news which always God has used for obtaining new information of God Himself and general existence, here on Earth. I want to be healed by the grief I have about my mom by Brandon Heath because I sense grief of sadness of anything which has to do with Brandon Heath and especially the pictures I have of Brandon Heath brings me sadness and the sadness by the mom is not here on Earth has limited the development of the special brotherly relationship I have with Brandon Heath but if I didn’t had the grief I would like for Brandon Heath to become my companion such as my mom was my travel companion around Seattle and I do need with someone I may personally speak to, have fun with, and with whom I may study the scriptures with because I am very much lonly. I dislike the current sexual arousal and I feel trapped because I only have two choices, to masturbate frequently during the day which will result in chaos emotions and the severity of stress which will result in syncopes or masturbate every other day in which I feel geographically trapped with a sense of death all around me and because of these two feelings I no longer feel the exciting youthful get out of my way life has to be released not I sense a requirement of if I don’t masturbate or wait that I would go crazy type of sexual arousal but with that type of sexual arousal I am able to ejaculate within 2 minutes from commencing but I do prefer to feel the youthful and not feeling the requirement of masturbating or I feel I would go crazy.

BEHOLD! THE CLOTHING OF JESUS CHRIST!!! I AM Here; Saturday 10 December 2016; Jehovah God’s Response To The Demon Possessed Judin Hermphrodite Sadomaschmist Of The The Edward Snowden Judin Man 

Last night the Judin hermphrodite demon possessed man who resemblance is that of Edward Snowden spoke to me: the Judin man said this: „You God people are mean, you send us to hell.“ Plus some comments about God My Father answering all of my desires and having fun with my image such as the movie „Heaven Is For Real“ of which the Judin man did say God’s voice is audioable for everyone and anyone can now see God, because I too have seen the surprised and angered reaction of the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite sadomaschmists, when God dances and does the Alexander Lapin type of Nazi teasing. Jehovah God’s response to the resemblance Judin man of Edward Snowden is; it is yourselves who has asked God to send you to Hell, don“t you have the science to comprehend what you actually mean by stating „I don’t care about going to hell!“ You shit existing of Edward Snowden, you do know what you want and God has and will answer your desire to spend eternity in Hell, because if you don’t care about going to hell, which means you DON’T WANT THE PLEASURE BY BEING WITH JEHOVAH GOD. By saying your desire of preferring to go to he’ll by your own request of stating „I don’t care about going to hell,“ is a direct request of YOUR TO ACTUALLY TO BE SENT TO HELL,“ and that is the only request God WILL EVER GIVE YOU! Therefore in your lack of science and in your true sadomaschists satanic demon possessed „thinking“ by your request of yours to be sent to hell you stated „You God people are mean,“ but what YOU YOURSELF MEANT  is the DEMONS THEMSELVES ARE MEAN!!! God rebuke you and I will send you and your DNA clones to HELL  You wannabe Edward Snowden! I will explain to you why God hates you, because you do have the science to understand shit. You wannabe Edward Snowden, remember you your response when some nigger stated some shit comment of what the nigger wanted to do with your shit fatness of extra skin which is actually your Satan seat, you wannabe Edward Snowden did confessed you „don’t like the smell“ (shit) and now you can comprehend this simple fact; You wannabe Edward Snowden are actually are a corpse of cursed by being a real living piece of SHIT, in the strict Nazi perfection of Holiness And Purity of God shit HAS TO BE eliminated!!! If you wannabe Edward Snowden being a demon but knowing the disgusting nature of shit; perhaps you wannabe Edward Snowden may comprehend this; God Himself is absolutely perfect and sin has to be eliminated so, if you wannabe Edward Snowden are a living piece of shit, what is the natural response? A clensing is the natural response! And you wannabe Edward Snowden are living piece of shit thus is your reason of being sent to hell because God people hates shit and shit is required to be sent to hell. Yes, wannabe Edward Snowden, I did imagined to kill you by stomping on your shit face and your face would had literally collapsed as you are a piece of shit, without much effort of smashing your face to cause your second death. If you wannabe Edward Snowden „dislike“ shit; now you may have a minimal comprehension the deep insult and deeply disrespecting is your shit physical existence in my present as my natural response is to kill you and send you to HELL. As a reference; this same disrespecting and physical shit existence is the same as I sense when I view pictures of the former geographic San Francisco. I have no fear of shit but I laugh at your disgusting shit existence of your corpse because I do noticed your fruits of the flesh of being vain; as you imitate my innocence in this world  and state of Holy innocence as if you wannabe Edward Snowden do portray an image as if you were innocent of the guilt of your shit existence then I will ask you this, and do think about it because I know you don’t have the knowledge to comprehend but do you realizing the basic idea of yours to pretend something you are not? Do you comprehend you are literally hiding something and hiding something from your own comprehension too? Now that the basic are disclosed how would it sense to you if you spoken audioably the word SHIT, do you sense a CORRELATION: as in corre as in the word correct: to your own shit physical existence and if you wannabe Edward Snowden were to be honest with yourself, the reason you attempt to imitate perfection is because YOU DO HATE YOUR PHYSICAL SHIT EXISTENCE because you can’t even utter the fact of SHIT by speaking because even stating the word SHIT YOU do sense yourself as SHIT ITSELF.


The stupidity of the sense of „Jesus Christ“ clothing in the movie „Heaven Is For Real:“ Behold! The real clothing and fashion of Jesus Christ. Doesn’t this fact makes the other stupidity both insult but silly in being laughable of the image of the movie „Heaven Is For Real!?“ YES, it is funny!!!

 Post of expressing my emotions while witnessed the end of the world: comparison the move „The Fifth Wave“ and Movie „Contact“) Saturday 10 December 2016; My Father God Is Expressing Is Emotions Of Love And Comforting Me The Other Day When I Didn’t Want to Let Go Of God’s Hand Of Dancing With Music And My Father God Told Me „I Am InCARNate IN You:“ Which Means God Is Me Of The Flesh „Carnal“ And IN As In Oneness Of My Soul With God My Father’s Spirit

My mom new how the rapture was to be; because my mom told me of „Touched By An Angel“ episode of „Petey“ and Petey asked the Angel „is it finished?“ and the Angel replied to Petey, „yes, it is finished.“ My mom explained to me „that will happen to you.“ I didn’t understand my mother but I told my mom explained to me that is exactly how I will die, but my mom explained it rather than saying that is how you will die. I told my mom I don’t have cancer but my mom said, you don’t have cancer but when you do die an Angel will be with you such as he, the Angel in the tv show „Touched By An Angel“ and that Angel will take you to heaven. I asked my mom about God’s greeting of entering heaven of „good and faithful servant“ and my mom told me; that will happen first and it was true. A few months ago God our Father did say „Behold, my only begotten Son in whom I have much pride in.“ The worse part of the ending of the World was the demonic mass violence, when I lived at the San Francisco Bay area: the emphoral of the time I sent in San Francisco and the San Francisco central library. It was stressful in being very routinely and consistent in the precise hour each day for at least one month. What was annoying was the many early awakenings of myself at almost the exact same time each early morning and mass announcings of mass demonic violence and the news reports by the demons were much more informative then the actual tv or media news reports, and some instances the demonic mass news reports were funny such as a corpse had a second death because of a conversation of the city of San Diego was founded by the Spaniards. Also suicide at the San Jose King Library and this time the suicide was reported by the media with very limited information about the suicide. I discovered from Jehovah God of the eventual process of becoming of a spiritual body with unlimited knowledge of semblance of the movie „Contact.“ While the World was ending it felt as the movie „The Fifth Wave,“ but I was encouraged by God, because the worse part for me of the ending of the World was the time of my mother’s death until the residency ended at San Jose, CA. I was only entertainment by tv shows then the tv shows became repetitive and very boring then I barrowed dvds from the library then the movie became boring but during the usage of my DVD and cable television, I was posting on social media and listening to YouTube music. So, I feel releaved the Hollywood media industry no longer exists and tv media no longer exists because it was very boring. Younger, I thought the end of the world of during the end of the world ALL Christian would be understood presecusion by the anti Christian of severity much worse than the anti Christs during the 1990’s. The one currency was actually the sadomaschists financial of the Judin entertainment industry of the former Hollywood industry, and the anti Christs in all media entertainments. I have noticed the mass communicial of the sadomaschists „lifestyle“ was the maximum of Idolatry of the non existing „persona“ which were computer hallogram of commercial such as the „Fitch“ clothing company: the non existing persona of financial idolatry of the Judin beast was the mark of the computer hallograms of 666. I was true to become rich during the past in America whoring was required, Satan worship was required as in  the idolatry of worship individuals as such Joel Osteen and Rick Warren, C.S Lewis the author of the book „Narnia,“ the movie „Narina:“ this was the affect of one global  currency of Idolatry of the beast. 

Within a few minutes past my mom communicated to me in confirming the rapture of the dead in Christ shall rise first and the dead in Christ has already received the new spiritual bodies; my mom told me, „we will maintain our human characteristics.“

Friday 9 December 2016; My Prayer For God My Father For Today

The progress of complete God’s knowledge and God’s spiritual body is slow but faster than I expected previously before I realized at the time of the rapture of semblance of the movie „Contact“

I want to thank you God to minister to me through my Aryan Supremacist siblings and I am learning much of the false Christian: which this education of false Christian commenced by the reading of the book  „Gospel Trailblazer,“ the book was written by a black man and the book was released by Billy Graham ministries. I do know the study of false Christians will eventually lead to some study on the demon of Joel Osteen; I noticed the religious law religion of death by Joel Osteen was based on 1990’s idolatry belief in a similar „New age“ of forcing oneself to „feel good,“ or a therapist who has gone too far in a teaching of psychiatry which is both satanic and psychotic and very much egoistic and very much self focused demonic philosophy, the satanic philosophy of exegesis of everything is only about oneself without any sort of help. I want to thank God for giving me a very well and long sleep during last night and the duration of my sleep felt as long as years in duration. I thank God for the current winter weather of the snow and cold temperatures as this winter weather is the winter’s equalivelant of my summer season exploration of the beach at English Bay beach at Vancouver, Canada: of very enjoyable, tiresome, and rejuvenating. I am reminded of the snow at Lake City with my mom and our walks through the snow of nearby shopping outlets of Grocery Outlet, Bartel Drugs, and Fred Meyer and our occasional day rides while a snow storm to SeaTac airport by light rail. Even though the human physical body no longer exists and eventually our current bodies will become totally spiritual with unlimited knowledge; I do have some sadness that I won’t be father of the physical biological but the spiritual biological and I don’t jet comprehend the entirely of our future spiritual existence. Within a few minutes past, I imagined a baby nursery for my future children and then I realized the new Earth and the New Heaven has started, from what I can guess, a new born baby in this new dispensation will already have unlimited knowledge; so it will be much better than new born babies who were born in the previous dispensation because we shall communicate with each other with God’s unlimited knowledge.