My Support For Aryan Civil Rights In America

I have done extensive research online for „white“ civil rights organizations. There are numerous „white civil rights“ organizations but there aren’t any Aryan Civil Rights Groups. The difference between Aryan and „White“ is a huge difference in racial DNA, what is wide known in America about „White,“ is not pure White but a mixture of non White Races, Predominantly of the Jewish and Black races. The word Aryan describes an individual who is pure white without any other racial mixture in their anecestry. I do believe the American Juden need more Rights such as the Aryans. Being the Jude American police officer Wilson, a former cop of Furguson, MO. More importantly the few Aryan individuals in America, very few in numbers, should have a Civil Rights Organization to represent their rights and improve laws for the benefit of the Aryans. „For the benefit of the Aryans“ has nothing to do with racism. Take for an example a German family living in a non Aryan city and these non Aryans do discriminate towards them and tells the German, to no longer speak regular German language, or non racist songs in the German language-Christian songs. Who will stand up and legally defend the Aryan, all the other civil rights groups are for blacks, Mestizin, and a few for the American Juden. I am fortunate to have diplomat immunity so individuals don’t directly harhass me about the German cultural things I have, such as my Christian German Bible.