Aryan Supremacist Heteorosexual Oneness God Own Sexual Arousal In Oneness With His Aryan Supremacist Heteorosexual Brothers 

As in the movie „The Giver“ God has blessed me in having his own sexual arousal of God our Father and I just recent discovered my Aryan brothers are maturing in their heteosexuality with baby like knowledge compared to God’s knowledge of sexual arousal for which I desired this disclosure sooner than now. I do become very sexually aroused by the images of my Aryan brothers as in the manifestation of the Holy Ghost as oneness in God. God rebuke you sadomaschmist demons because your insanity junk doesn’t exist, therefore in my knowledge through God I have no fear of feeling our collective Heteorosexual sexual arousal in union with the Holy Ghost as oneness as eventually in our spiritual body all Aryan Supremacist heterosexual brothers will have this same oneness of the union of the sexual arousal of the Holy Ghost as oneness in proceate with an Aryan Supremacist heterosexual woman. For Er Erkennt, this is for you because the current grief of abuse, commenced by the postings of the music video „God Is On The Move,“ and the general question has been asked of me of the „gay“ stuff is stressful and Yes, it is on form of the demonic possessed „gay“ demons has insulted me with their insanity thinking of why I Rebuke those „gay“ demons as to verbally explained their insanity or to explain the insanity of the severity of the insanity of the existence of the holographic projection of demons. The stress is manifested in the wrath of God of anger to completely destroy such insanity thinking and existence of those shit existing demons.