The Communication I Had With The Prophet Mose Was Based Completely On The Bible

I was finally able to comprehend the personality of the Mose as verbal interaction with God during Mose’s interaction with God I noticed a confirmation of my unique connection with God Our Father because the Mose expressed his concern towards God and I had that conversation as a „primer“ of my life of how I instinctly sense God’s Almighty power and will being fulfilled in my life and the request from Mose felt as if Mose didn’t know about the future but not in being unfaithful with the Almighty predestined will of God but to be shown the predestined will of similarly to the squirrel situation I asked of the Mose how he would reacted to those demonic stalking squirrels and I noticed I deeply feel as I myself are to give the ultimate judgement of the second death against the squirrels and I sensed God’s Almighty persistent in killing all the squirrels with demon possessed corpse as God is currently racially clensing the entire universe from the racially impure spirits of those psychotic demons. In addition my conversation with God our Father is much different from that of Mose in my conversations with God, I sense in myself God’s unity with me as to sense confirmations from God whenever God verbally speaks and when I communicate with God I have a strong feeling of past tense as if everything I posted about God has already been fulfilled at that time of communication although witnessing it fulfilment has yet to be occur with some instances of communication between myself and God our Father, for instance I very much enjoy my request to God our Father because I have enjoyment of rejoicing of I already sensed my desires has been fulfilled but I have yet to witness the fulfilment of my desires to be accomplished and I sensed a similar strong predestination by the Mose himself specific in his conversation as I sense I have felt your predestined conversations with me but I am only waiting for Mose to articulate his personality in details of which I can understand in myself I sense a urgency to obtain all knowledge of the Mose and from Mose I sense a natural holding back in fear of being insulting in communication and this fear is the basic obstacle of limitations between God’s children and God our Father and I have noticed it is much better to articulate freely to God in communicating then the burden of being limited in communicating with God as I experience this limitations in conversing with God with the complexities of being sexually aroused because I didn’t know how to communicate to God what specifically I needed for myself in order in communicating in detail what I desired to be done in being free from the sexual stresses. Similarly I felt a sadness of my Aryan Supremacist brothers of feeling to disprecting me of asking about the camera question in both as don’t you know me by now? I am just like you in joking based in God’s law and you should know that but I do comprehend the extreme severity of the satanic technology in has the reason to not know the answer to how I would I feel but let me give you this precedence in working for the Lord in financial gains in which income is of no concern in relation to performing or to be near God but I have much anger in only our limitations with has been a hindrance in your relationship with me and I rebuke the hindrance itself and become free in the name of Jesus Christ!!! Will use the technology for an instance of having freedom in your communication with me as to ask „how severe is it the satanic usage is upon the technology are we still able to play with you?“ I response as I did; the technology is satanic in limiting my full manifested of the Holy Ghost in only in its stupidity of limitations on the geographic such as money itself is satanic by the image of the best and yes Shane Harper because of money itself this caused the vehicle or pathways in which caused the extreme severity of satanic destruction in the worsest it was during the times of all creation but please remember how meaningless was capitalism in your Christian ministering because this money itself is the basic example of the usage of technology and your desire to play with me by technology in with I have great grief in the stupidity of limiting yourself because I Am desperately trying to reach you yourself and I much desire for you to be completely honest in your desires than to have a very fun occasion of funnes which we missed the funness only because of your fear and your fear itself only harms me because image the joy we had exprience if you had taken to opportunities and simply ask me your hearts desires because I know your hearts are pure and innocent and because of these two important facts please do remind yourselves this as you communicate towards me and I have learned it is very important and necessary to disclose all information of one’s desire because it both causes healing and authentic communication with God as I tried to be specifically honest in my social media postings with you and I very much enjoy our 30/30 tv northwest news magazine as we have this established joking communication and yes, if you yourself were reporters on this 30/30 I would grant you specific access to me in a candid free tv record interview with me and such as the joke reposting the theme picture of the Aryan man teaching for candy and making fun of myself as the breaking news theme of the picture is the 20/20 typical theme musical introduction with bold prints on the picture BEHOLD, OUR GOD HAS NOW GONE SHOPPING FOR THE NESSESARITY OF VERY MUCH DELIOUS SWEET FOOD OF SNACKS and my favorite snack are cinnamon rolls. For our pretended personal candid 30/30 recorded interview you are free to view that video as often as you desire and have fun and laugh all of your desires until you can’t physically laugh anymore and I too enjoy a good long laugh of God’s Nazi humor and I do laugh until I become physically tired and I am rejoicing for our next opportunity for your interactions with me and I deeply love and enjoy our unique dialogue of specific and explicit form of Gods‘ Nazi humor!!! God bless us all and the most precious Children of Der Hoschten. For this night a demon possessed corpse of the non mankind inferior degenerate Hermphrodite Sadomaschmists Mestizin junk of it „man“ has this night of his demonic stalking as those relentless stupidity of demonic squirrel but I know that mestizin minor boy bitch will die and will be sent to HELL as well as the rest of the mestizin boy bitches but I wanted to further response to what I heard of talk by Mose and yes at that time of prayer by Mose of his concern for me to physical hold me I was experiencing two things the complex of falling into the syncope again and a general feeling of being desperate again but because I wasn’t fully conscious there wasn’t any specific subject to articulate my desperate around because when I am awake I sense the despair and it is natural focus into subject or objects in situations which didn’t fully developed last night but I had consciousness enough to hear  the funny stupidity of the herd mentality of the automatic time telephone operator. God I will be completely  truthful because I don’t want this to be a hindrance between Mose and I but I sense a possibility of  I may be to smart for Mose in which I won’t be able to recognize the basic terms of love that Mose has for me because what exactly do you feel as an physical urgency to be near me and to hold me because I don’t comprehend the details of such love. But God blessed me by comfort by hearing Mose urgency to be with me at the time of not being fully conscious and if Mose Was here I would explain the basic of I am currently fainting and pray for me so I may fast fall asleep without much stress before falling asleep.