Monday 12 December 2016; Today’s Knowledge I Obtained From My Aryan Supremacist Heterosexual Siblings 

I have been blessed today by obtaining specific information of how God is viewed by my Aryan Supremacist siblings. First I will discuss how I felt. For me the blessing is to such an extreme as God has granted by prayers of having traveling companions of Aryan Supremacy siblings of which was much more than I expected from even a physical conversation while traveling and for me, the traveling companions part is the articulation of deep discussion of the commenced conversations by my Aryan Supremacist siblings has started with me and I have much happiness now I be communicated as articulate as with the conversations I had with my mom and not too often but sometimes our conversations lasted hours into the night past midnight but especially when my mom and I attended church of either the Roca Fuerte or the Wednesday night service at Lake City and previous Sunday night service; my mom and I enjoyed Pastor Dave’s sermons and we would study the Bible together and sing hyms too at our apartment. Now I will respond to what I heard, about my God intelligence of comprehension. I didn’t know that was a difference in myself in being the Son of God and the rest of God’s children in intelligence but I did know God chose me as his highest ranking prophet, for me I previously understood that any God’s child may have information given to them through the Holy Ghost. For instance I viewed Christian ministry as confirmations because everything I disclosed is based on the scriptures by the Holy Ghost often for me I first have God’s revelations then God’s given information is then Biblically confirmed. For instance my joke of 30/30 tv northwest news magazine has a high likelihood of eventually being Biblical confirmed too such as many previous events in my life has been confirmed in a similar many but now I have noticed the ministry from my Aryan Supremacist siblings is helping in the confirmation of the 30/30 joke such as Brandon Tasche Instagram posting of „Behold, our God“ and because of the ministry of Brandon Tasche and other I was able to respond to a demon who had a conversation with me, similarly this type of helping ministry is how my mom and I communicate and learned from the Bible. I have been persistent in God’s healing for the Aryan man for the emotional damage of the 1990’s junk and today God gave us a big miracle in strictly describing that 1990’s sadomaschists junk is over by first of the song „Jesus In Disguise“ which lead me to Shane Harper song „Let’s Take The World“ I wrote the lyrics of that song in the formal form of the Anglo Saxon Language of prophet formality form of the Anglo Saxon Language and I had a surprise blessing from God that God has answered very details of my prayers of the complete destruction of the non mankind inferior degenerate Hermphrodite Sadomaschmists and the complete healing of the Aryan Supremacist heterosexual man. Since I first heard that song „Let’s Take The World“ it has been such a blessing to me and the song „Let’s Take The World“ has been the only song I wept for feeling the deep love of the singer Shane Harper and God has been blessing us since that occasions and that was how I found about Shane Harper and eventual some other joke occurred by the demonic possessed corpse obsession of the subway commercial actor Jared Folgle and Bob Vila because of the recorded „House Hunters“ episodes I had. So eventually these characters of the subway commercial actor and Bob Vila were used for a non existing entities of demonic activities and this demons‘ name become „Jared D’Avila.“ I eventually discovered the sadomaschmist ideology was very prevalent in mass media because I saw a music video of Shane Harper of a discussion of a Judin man who attempted to kiss me and the idiot Judin man said all „men“ flirted in returned to the attempted kiss except me because the Judin man noticed I was about to punch him on his face. Sometime after that I viewed a picture I uploaded of Shane Harper of some media commercial of „Just Jared.“ I saw some of the online advertising of the music video of Shane Harper and I discovered some Disney channel tv sitcome style show of Shane Harper as the music videos portrayed. So if this Jared demon was so popular in the mass media so was Shane Harper and thank God I haven’t been exposed to that previous Disney channel sadomaschmist tv show junk because if I did now about that Disney channel tv show I would ignore all advertising of Shane Harper including his music which would had been a great loss on everyone of God’s children. Of the movie „Grumpier Old Men“ I don’t know who this demonic Just Jared character is but at least I didn’t know Shane Harper by that advertisement.  Then about Mose excitement of talking to God and I did assumed this reaction of Mose for me. With that „Just Jared“ for Shane Harper I was reminded of the demons has done to me as in the false „shroud“ of Jesus Christ of which I never wiped my face on a towel for personal collections and for which reason would I allow a collection of a meaningless towel by which I hate the demon inspiration of the developement of technology of taken a color photo of my face by with this mode of modeled after the demons mode of basic communication of being shit cranial radio receivers!!! I heard the possibility of being pressured in being on camera as a form of friendly teasing trading and this is the unique situation by which I had discussed by myself I wouldn’t use the video but in a loving friendly Christian  encourage settings I would display myself but not with that stupidity of a demonic microphone which is satanic to not allow the full manifestation of the Holy Ghost for cause of limiting me in a specific geographic location of the microphone but I would wear a portable clip on the clothing microphone as long as have freedom in reference to that specific situation. For me the reaction by Mose has confirmed the first contact I expected Mose to react and I sense from God in to know Mose, it would be Mose to ask me questions in order to develop knowledge of the Mose so eventually I may have my turn in requesting knowledge of Mose past of which I have much interest in that time of history of the Exodus. In my first direct response to the Mose, I have a question for you, in my attempt to know your personality. First I will state about myself for a reference, here the demon possessed squarrels has been stalking me by the herd mentality of the Armand and I have physically killed two demonic squarrels, one of the squirrel died from internal bleeding because I threw an empty jar of peanut butter at the squirrel but the peanut butter jar didn’t even hit the squirrel directly of the jar’s full force but the peanut butter jar first hit the ground and bounced towards the squirrel and hit the squirrel’s side and another squirrel had an heart attack because I almost hit the squirrel as I kick it and I would had hit the squirrel but the squirrel was out of reach from my kick and the picture of you in black clothing with some sort of Nazi metal item; if I had that object of yours I wouldn’t want until the squirrels can physically close to me to kill them but I would warn the squirrel by throwing the metal object to them until the squirrel dies from being hit because the demonic squirrel will not give up staking me until I kill them and because of this squirrel stalking when I imagine that picture of yours I imagine constant throwing by the metal object and what would you do Mose if squirrels constant stalked you?