Monday 12 December 2016; I Am Not Impressed By The Fact That It Is Snowing Here At Bellingham, What Is Impressing Is The Funness Of Walking Through A Winter WONDERLAND 

For you non mankind inferior degenerate Hermphrodite Sadomaschmists lack of knowledge of snow in reference to the snow of the Pacific Northwest; I have lived in the Pacific Northwest for over 12 years and I lived through many types of winter weather coldness storms, the winter storm which are more deadly are ice storms of freezing rain coating everything and electricity is gone for several days and yes several days in such a large city as Seattle as Seattle is strictly prepared for its yearly blizzards without paranoia such as California was commercialized its falsely made earthquake „proof“ structures which were weak structurally. Ironically the structure made specifically to withstand both blizzards and the risk here at the Pacific Northwest for tornadoes are proper for high seismic activities which the Pacific Northwest doesn’t have much of a seismic risk beside of very minor structural damage in of earthquakes occurring only once in the emphoral of maximum earthquakes ever to occur on Earth and yes the shaking at Vancouver was the same in strength as the 2001 earthquake and as I had posted minor damage. The tornado risk here at the Pacific Northwest isn’t paranoid either but I have been to the Midwest and it is noticeable the lack of preparedness for the risk of tornadoes at the Pacific Northwest because here at the Pacific Northwest the structure has double of everything to survive a tonado such as a thick metal door to enclose the door to enter the elevator plus addition protection of every few yards more thick metal doors for tornado protection place very thick windows, walls in thickness are commonly one foot in thickness. Every year king 5 news has specific „event“ showings of interrupting pre planed programs of both to prepare for tornadoes and winter storms. For tornadoes it is said to go to a lower level basements which all apartment buildings do have as underground garages, and if not able to reach an underground basement then go to the interior of the building such as bathroom here are mostly located in the interior in structures and to lay flat in the bathtub and to cover oneself with blankets. For snow, it is shown by king 5, to have plenty of non perishable foods such as can foods and save minimal quantities of perishable food outside in the snow for just in case of the severity of the duration of being snowed in, plus wax candle because wax candles natural can be fixed on surfaces but lanterns are the better choice if one can afford to buy the oil, for the year occurance of durations of being out of power within one winter season. The weather radio is good for entertainment for the duration of not having electricity, news, music, and weather reports from the National Weather service plus the weather radio has an in built battery charger with an in built light. One of my favorite winters was the winter in a December of which one foot of snow fell during that winter plus the rest of the month of December was literally frozen and Seattle was shut down or snowed in for that duration of December too; it was the year the majority of kids didn’t received Christmas gifts because the snowed in conditions commenced earlier in December by no one had knowledge of how long the snowed in weather would last. My mom and I were lucky in being prepared for the snowed in conditions and the time we needed groceries we ventured out in the door of accumulated snow and at least three feet of snow drifts, I took pictures of my mom during that specific outing to Grocery Outlet in Lake City Seattle. A winter during a blizzard; my mom and I took a day trip to SeaTac international airport, the light rail trailing was traveling past the Seatac Airport itself as the train was arriving at the last station of SeaTac. While passing the airport itself, the blizzard was very noticeable, as to appear as thick fog with snow. I told my mom that it was foggy and snowing to which my mom explained to me, the precipitation was only and only heavy snow fall. During returning to our apartment it was darkness of night as we waited for the metro bus towards Lake City and it was there my mom became angered at the stupidity of what was considered „cold“ for Midwest America which now has the authentic weather stereotype of Sub Sahara desert warm of winter and my mom was strict in explaining to me as to describe to me you do have to remember the cold weather of Seattle. The temperature maximum was 16 degrees and during that time of the evening was temperature was around 13 plus a very strong wind of actually wind chills very well below zero degrees!!! My mom with anger told me „do you feel this?“ I replied yes it is cold, but my mom wanted me to noticed both the cold temerature and the severity of the strong winds, to which my mom had a conversation with me unti my mom was specifically talking about the actual air temperature and the deep penetrating cold of the wind entering all layers of clothing which we wear our thickest jackets with thermals but the flesh was exposed to the cold air temperatures as if we didn’t wore at least 3 thick layers of clothing to maintain our warmth. My United Kingdom jacket and even at Chicago I was sweating in that black wool jacket.