A Very Complex Post This Will Be; The Accumulation Of The Sadomaschists Ideology Of Homosexuality Has Been Manifestated In Three Forms; The Physical Armands At Vancouver, Canada; Being The Representation Of The Embodiment Of The Gay Ideology, The Satan And His Anti Christ Of Religious Sadomaschmists; And Saint Joseph Hospital Being The Representation Of One Global Currency Of The Commercial Ideology Of Sadomaschmism

First by how this post was inspired by the personal witness accounts by Aryan Supremacist heterosexual members of the children of God whom has suffered much sexual trauma which resulted in current manifestation of traumatized conversations. Last night experience the crucifixion of Jesus of grief for my Aryan Supremacist heterosexual siblings because of the question about of joking encouragement of being forced to be video taped in an interview such as the 30/30 tv northwest news magazine. I discovered the camera was satanic in limiting the manifestation of the Holy Ghost of which I disclosed this fact to the Aryan Supremacist heterosexual children of God. The Aryan Supremacist heterosexual people has sense God’s wrath but God’s wrath isn’t against the Aryan Supremacist children of God but the Satanic demons of developers who constructed the camera by purposely to provoke anger against God by the idolization of the graven image in general at the exact time of the camera creation until this current time of manipulating the images of God’s children in „gay“ porn magazine by which was sent to me by the Rainbow Center. I will share how I grew up; I do have memories of living at the United Kingdom and I remember my Father Prince Charles had child playful love with me and I do remember running fast throw multiple connecting rooms inside Buckingham Palace, I vaguely remember my Grandma Elizabeth but I do remember a messy room which had a table with much unorganized papers scattered in the table. I remember my Father Prince Charles returning home and said „honey, I am home,“ and I yelled „Dady is here.“ I remember looking out the window of the northeast side of Buckingham palace and I saw leafless tees but few remaining autumn trees on the ground. In the year 2006, around the „Gay Pride“ at Seattle I was suicidal because every I went were gays and gay commercial propaganda or pride week or pride month but it was the last weeks in June. I felt suicidal because I felt worthless in what is the purpose of living when my dreams can not come true; I had failed in obtaining an education, I had failed in being financially independent, I had failed in having my dream career, I failed in getting married and recreate at that time I didn’t had a strong mind and I became emotionally tired of the gay pride junk being indoctrinated on me by therapists in Seattle and the therapist are train for one to become suicidal and for me the promotion of suicidal ideation by the promotion of gay pride indoctrination because at Seattle one’s sexuality is question at O thought these counselors were friendly with me and were encouraging me to talk to them, in my counseling sessions I spoke with the counselor of current events and how I felt about the current events of which gay pride was discussed in Seattle as a major event such as the fourth of July and I was doubtful of the good intentions of the meaning of „pride“ in Gay Pride, because pride connotes to me extremism and fruit of the flesh but because of the cultural meaning of other „pride“ groups I did sublimely compared the idea of gay pride to be an extremist group such as racial pride racial groups. I asked the definition of „pride“ and some non sense was disclosed to me of „gay“ accomplishments to with I did asked „what accomplishments?“ The therapist then started to place blame on me as if I was evil and they therapist asked me of „Stonewall“ at New York and I told the therapist I never heard of Stonewall and the stupidity was even more stupidity by the only accomplishment „achieved“ at Stonwall was the free admission of „gays“ at the bar even though „gays“ were secretly aloud admission to be in the bar and I thought to myself, what sort of achievement is that and I felt a sense of the inferiority of the „gays“ of their only achievement is to enter a bar of previous admission,  based in this stupidity of gay pride was frequently taught to me. I eventually became suicidal and I kept on telling my mom that I wanted to die, my mom told me the medicine weren’t working for me because I wasn’t suicidal before taking the medicine and the medicine was very unhealthy because before I took the medicine I was skiny and I gain weight by taking the medicine and we spoke to the doctor about stopping the medicine but the doctor blackmail us if I discontinued the medicine I would eventually end up at the mental hospital and my mom was very consistent about to stop all medication and I will naturally be heal because the medicine themselves were making me suicidal but I kept on repeating to my mom my fear of going to the mental hospital if I discontinued my medicine and in that year and very bad timing I took an overdose of sleeping pills, I caried the medicine with me that day and I visited the Unversity Bookstore, a Judin man told you „You are quiet handsome and he introduced himself to me and facialy asked me to follow him I sense something bad but I didn’t comprehend the reason of the handsome comment but I ignored the comment but I only replied by stating my name. It was afterwards I felt so horrible and worthless because a man flirted with me and I felt am I so ugly of only a man would flirt at me? I felt shock and heavy trauma and walking from the bus stop to our apartment I began to take sleeping pills because I had the expression of „what the hell“ or what is there to lose by being dead. In my much younger years I did imagined homosexual sex but I only imagine shit and I was deeply digusted of even to imagine gay sex, but I didn’t personalized to my sexuality or I didn’t feel arousal on the contrary I purposely avoid the homosexual such as San Francisco and I am very thankful I never visited the Castro in San Francisco and I only in depth explored San Francisco of its geographic  shoreline.