Sunday 11 December 2016; Today’s Prayer For God My Father 

In this picture I hated the diablic purpose of radio signals of photography which was modeled after the demonic possessed corpse of the non mankind inferior degenerate Hermphrodite Sadomaschmits in the basic form of mass communication by their shit cranial heads‘ of being only radio receivers

I have been feeling for awhile to become formally introduce to Mose; and if I were possible I would prefer Mose to become my first companion such as my mom was my travel companion. I would like to know details of the past told in stories such as the parables Jesus spoke about: such as prodigal son parable. I want to hear it explained how time feels in being long of almost 4 thousand years, if Mose had similar corrupted education about God such as I was taught of terrible hardships all Christians would face as if all Christians were to be murdered. I have thank offerings for God in granting to me $20 of which my first desires were fulfilled in God giving me the two donuts I desire and I obtained two small bags of donuts; one midium size white frosted donuts and and a little smaller sized chocolate coated donuts. I also bought petroleum jelly of which I was reminded of the fun type of being sexually aroused during what was summer weather heat during early autumn. I am thankful the highly stressed sexual arousal is over: yesterday I had some of the chaotic emotions which had lead to complexed emotional chaos during the evening and leads to a syncope. Yesterday, however, it was much different; the chaos wasn’t severe and the emotional chaos didn’t grab my attention because I didn’t noticed the precise time of the end of the chaotic emtional sexual arousal. The rest of the day went very well and it is only now have I noticed; the blessing I received in not experiencing the same stressful sexual arousal of which I have been released: specifically the sexual arousal cycles of feeling trapped. Trapped in masturbating which lead to the stressful syncope and the hopelessness feeling of sexual arousal which makes everything appear depressing with being trapped in depression; the „Fifth Wave“ movie picture I have reminds me of the depressed feeling of being geographically trapped which is symbolic of the actual two choices I had in response in being sexual which was very disappointing because I missed the fun pleasure of being sexual. I received a message from my mom about my future wife of Katharina Schuttler of which I know Katharina Schuttler desires to talk to me and for a few minutes I felt desperate in not wanting Katharina Schuttler to don’t feel desperate to talk to me in which I felt helpless because I am still in a sensitive sexual state of consciousness and I am just being to recover physically but more importantly a slower emotional recovery, compared to the physical recovery I experienced. Katharina Schuttler herself isn’t talking to me but I do have messengers or spokes persons such as the postings on Instagram and music such as „Zella Day“ and country female singers of Aryan women my mom’s age, except for the mature Aryan women of my mom’s age, I have yet to be comfortable to listen to their music on my YouTube account because of the grief of my mom; but eventually God will heal me of the grief and I will intentionally researched the country music by Aryan women, and listen to the music on my YouTube account. I have noticed concerning grief of my mom, the healing process is faster in my Aryan Supremacist brothers because I can relate to my Aryan Supremacist brothers in teenage youthful trouble making of being sexually aroused, the Alexander Lapin joking!!! For instance the joke of Shane Harper of „you are naughty!“

My „nicest“ pose for posing for photography as you can plainly see I can’t smile in photography such as the prophet Mose and Shane Harper

I only take those types of photos, I dislike the exploitation of the image of my face and when I do post images of my body, I only post photos such as my legs and feet

I don’t like this picture because of the shaving of the facial hair because the skin becomes overly sensitive with itching burning discomfort plus the feeling on the surface of the skin of cut skin caused by the razor while shaving