Sunday 11 December 2016; Basic Phrases To Prove And Rebuketh The Stupidity Of The American Dialect!!! COMPREHENDETH THOU THE ANGLO SAXON FROM THE GREAT BRITAIN!!!

Comprehendeth thou the Anglo Saxon from the Great Britain!? „Comprehendeth“ is a rebuked sarcastic work for the meaning is at this exact moment by the omission of the previously „college education“ or „educated“ stupidity junk of American dialect! The Anglo Saxon is general specific for the existence of the Anglo Saxon language; from the Great Britain is the pricise location of Great Britain which means the language of the Britian as to factually exaggerate the language originated at Great Britain, to further sarcastically the insane stupidity of both the American dialect was formulated at a location outside of the language itself and which is explicit in the reason of the development of the stupidity dialect which originated at America!!! HAST CANST THOU WORK THIS MACHINE!? CANST means at this precise moment of ability to operate; HAST means the existence or by the EXISTENCE  of ABILITY  of POWER you work this machine!? HAST CAN THOU WORK THIS MACHINE!? Which means you have much insanity in not knowing how to operate the machine. The song of Chris Tomlin „I Will Follow“

Where thou goeth, I shall goeth, where stayeth thou I stayeth, I followeth thee, How thou serveth I shall serveth.