Sunday 11 December 2016; What If I Was Allowed To Remain To Live At Vancouver, Canada. For God My Father: And My Desire Here At Bellingham, Washington 

What I desire is to live again and not being constantly waiting as I am here at Bellingham, WA. To live for me is simple; my own apartment, new clothing, and new routines such as new barbershop, stores such as Costco, and Wal-Mart. Even though I don’t watch tv, I would like to buy a new television and all households items and aparatus. I desire to cook for myself and actually cook, not how I cooked my meals at San Jose, CA; but to have pleasure while cooking my meal and making paprika tomato spicy sauce. I wanted to explore the mountains of nearby Vancouver and visit the locations in Vancouver of Christmas festivities. I wanted to save money to travel by VIA train and see other parts of Canada: what I would enjoy by the train ride is to rest and seeing the secenery by train. I would like to had lived at Vancouver in an apartment similar to the King Arthur’s court apartment near Gastown at Vancouver near the pier of Vancouver convention center and the Vancouver central library, and I would ride on the buses and sky train and explore Vancouver. Here at Bellingham, Washington; my desire is to further witness the visual manifested of God my Father including the physical joking of Jehovah God such as items moving around or the creation of things appearing and thrown around the room. I enjoy the spiritual manifested of God against the non mankind inferior degenerate sadomaschists Hermphrodites and I wonder of funny it would be to actually see God’s actions on the physical death existence upon the demon possessed corpse; for instance the wannabe Edward Snowden, I saw God pick up a chair and very quickly hit the wannabe Edward Snowden on his Satan seat and then God twist of the rotton corpse head of the wannabe  Edward Snowden and how funny it would be is this actually happened to the wannabe Edward Snowden in Edward Snowden physical existence and then Edward Snowden died and then the dead corpse suddenly vanished!!! I have missed the Nazi joking of Jehovah God against the non mankind inferior degenerate sadomaschists Hermphrodite such as the chink food server of the fast closing of the metal lid and how Judin female would be physically eliminated which caused mass hysteria upon the demon possessed corpse. I want God to continue to talk to be audioably and I have miss the dreams of God communicating to me or prophecing to me in visions of which are confirmed by the scriptures; I have missed how God has been very explicit in communicating to me by my Aryan Supremacist siblings such as an entire post which had Brandon Heath’s message of „no turning back“ and the jokes we have of our pretended 30/30 news which always God has used for obtaining new information of God Himself and general existence, here on Earth. I want to be healed by the grief I have about my mom by Brandon Heath because I sense grief of sadness of anything which has to do with Brandon Heath and especially the pictures I have of Brandon Heath brings me sadness and the sadness by the mom is not here on Earth has limited the development of the special brotherly relationship I have with Brandon Heath but if I didn’t had the grief I would like for Brandon Heath to become my companion such as my mom was my travel companion around Seattle and I do need with someone I may personally speak to, have fun with, and with whom I may study the scriptures with because I am very much lonly. I dislike the current sexual arousal and I feel trapped because I only have two choices, to masturbate frequently during the day which will result in chaos emotions and the severity of stress which will result in syncopes or masturbate every other day in which I feel geographically trapped with a sense of death all around me and because of these two feelings I no longer feel the exciting youthful get out of my way life has to be released not I sense a requirement of if I don’t masturbate or wait that I would go crazy type of sexual arousal but with that type of sexual arousal I am able to ejaculate within 2 minutes from commencing but I do prefer to feel the youthful and not feeling the requirement of masturbating or I feel I would go crazy.