Saturday 10 December 2016; Communication With Brandon Heath Reminds Me Of The Movie „My Step Mother Is An Alien“

It is ironic how specific the herd mentality is by the demon possessed corpse of the non mankind inferior degenerate Hermphrodite Sadomaschmists; these demons react as the characters in the movie „My Step Mom Is An Alien“ with stupidity of reacting with emotions lack of knowledge with resentments, sort of the futuristic uncomprehendable of the reality of Gods‘ communication and they are correct; it is absolutely impossible for these demons to able to comprehend Gods‘ communication. The fruits of the flesh and I have recently discovered these non mankind inferior degenerate Hermphrodite Sadomaschmists are deeply envious of youthfulness of young heterosexual Aryan Supremacist men, for one; the demons are envious of our youthfulness and playfulness; they are collectively angered at their orphan state of existing here on Earth without their Father of Satan. These demons has now lack malicious demon purpose to attempt to interfere with anything that has to do with God and we’ll of all of the end of the world junk of the 1990’s of which are held in high satanic regard an era of which these demons deadly miss for, except in addition of learning the truths in their lies of stating lies instead of the truths as I learned by the wannabe Edward Snowden: the demons lies of the 1990’s are still in their minds of fond memories of the sadomaschists junk which still feuls their sadomaschmist mindset currently; because of this, this demonic mindset of the 1990’s sadomaschmist junk is the reason the demons deeply hates any little details of Aryan Supremacy Heteorosexual of both Aryan men and Aryan woman but because the demons are aware man is closest to God; the demons becomes more demonically agitated by facts of Heteorosexual Aryan men and often prefers to actually committ suicide and actually walk to the nearest Nazi concentration camps than to even listen to the typing of descriptions of Aryan Supremacist mens‘ existence in heterosexuality. Again these demons are very complexity stupid; they don’t comprehend their existence, they don’t comprehend languages, nor reading, but yet for some reason the typing sounds are the only mode of communication which these demons do comprehend.