Post of expressing my emotions while witnessed the end of the world: comparison the move „The Fifth Wave“ and Movie „Contact“) Saturday 10 December 2016; My Father God Is Expressing Is Emotions Of Love And Comforting Me The Other Day When I Didn’t Want to Let Go Of God’s Hand Of Dancing With Music And My Father God Told Me „I Am InCARNate IN You:“ Which Means God Is Me Of The Flesh „Carnal“ And IN As In Oneness Of My Soul With God My Father’s Spirit

My mom new how the rapture was to be; because my mom told me of „Touched By An Angel“ episode of „Petey“ and Petey asked the Angel „is it finished?“ and the Angel replied to Petey, „yes, it is finished.“ My mom explained to me „that will happen to you.“ I didn’t understand my mother but I told my mom explained to me that is exactly how I will die, but my mom explained it rather than saying that is how you will die. I told my mom I don’t have cancer but my mom said, you don’t have cancer but when you do die an Angel will be with you such as he, the Angel in the tv show „Touched By An Angel“ and that Angel will take you to heaven. I asked my mom about God’s greeting of entering heaven of „good and faithful servant“ and my mom told me; that will happen first and it was true. A few months ago God our Father did say „Behold, my only begotten Son in whom I have much pride in.“ The worse part of the ending of the World was the demonic mass violence, when I lived at the San Francisco Bay area: the emphoral of the time I sent in San Francisco and the San Francisco central library. It was stressful in being very routinely and consistent in the precise hour each day for at least one month. What was annoying was the many early awakenings of myself at almost the exact same time each early morning and mass announcings of mass demonic violence and the news reports by the demons were much more informative then the actual tv or media news reports, and some instances the demonic mass news reports were funny such as a corpse had a second death because of a conversation of the city of San Diego was founded by the Spaniards. Also suicide at the San Jose King Library and this time the suicide was reported by the media with very limited information about the suicide. I discovered from Jehovah God of the eventual process of becoming of a spiritual body with unlimited knowledge of semblance of the movie „Contact.“ While the World was ending it felt as the movie „The Fifth Wave,“ but I was encouraged by God, because the worse part for me of the ending of the World was the time of my mother’s death until the residency ended at San Jose, CA. I was only entertainment by tv shows then the tv shows became repetitive and very boring then I barrowed dvds from the library then the movie became boring but during the usage of my DVD and cable television, I was posting on social media and listening to YouTube music. So, I feel releaved the Hollywood media industry no longer exists and tv media no longer exists because it was very boring. Younger, I thought the end of the world of during the end of the world ALL Christian would be understood presecusion by the anti Christian of severity much worse than the anti Christs during the 1990’s. The one currency was actually the sadomaschists financial of the Judin entertainment industry of the former Hollywood industry, and the anti Christs in all media entertainments. I have noticed the mass communicial of the sadomaschists „lifestyle“ was the maximum of Idolatry of the non existing „persona“ which were computer hallogram of commercial such as the „Fitch“ clothing company: the non existing persona of financial idolatry of the Judin beast was the mark of the computer hallograms of 666. I was true to become rich during the past in America whoring was required, Satan worship was required as in  the idolatry of worship individuals as such Joel Osteen and Rick Warren, C.S Lewis the author of the book „Narnia,“ the movie „Narina:“ this was the affect of one global  currency of Idolatry of the beast. 

Within a few minutes past my mom communicated to me in confirming the rapture of the dead in Christ shall rise first and the dead in Christ has already received the new spiritual bodies; my mom told me, „we will maintain our human characteristics.“