BEHOLD! THE CLOTHING OF JESUS CHRIST!!! I AM Here; Saturday 10 December 2016; Jehovah God’s Response To The Demon Possessed Judin Hermphrodite Sadomaschmist Of The The Edward Snowden Judin Man 

Last night the Judin hermphrodite demon possessed man who resemblance is that of Edward Snowden spoke to me: the Judin man said this: „You God people are mean, you send us to hell.“ Plus some comments about God My Father answering all of my desires and having fun with my image such as the movie „Heaven Is For Real“ of which the Judin man did say God’s voice is audioable for everyone and anyone can now see God, because I too have seen the surprised and angered reaction of the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite sadomaschmists, when God dances and does the Alexander Lapin type of Nazi teasing. Jehovah God’s response to the resemblance Judin man of Edward Snowden is; it is yourselves who has asked God to send you to Hell, don“t you have the science to comprehend what you actually mean by stating „I don’t care about going to hell!“ You shit existing of Edward Snowden, you do know what you want and God has and will answer your desire to spend eternity in Hell, because if you don’t care about going to hell, which means you DON’T WANT THE PLEASURE BY BEING WITH JEHOVAH GOD. By saying your desire of preferring to go to he’ll by your own request of stating „I don’t care about going to hell,“ is a direct request of YOUR TO ACTUALLY TO BE SENT TO HELL,“ and that is the only request God WILL EVER GIVE YOU! Therefore in your lack of science and in your true sadomaschists satanic demon possessed „thinking“ by your request of yours to be sent to hell you stated „You God people are mean,“ but what YOU YOURSELF MEANT  is the DEMONS THEMSELVES ARE MEAN!!! God rebuke you and I will send you and your DNA clones to HELL  You wannabe Edward Snowden! I will explain to you why God hates you, because you do have the science to understand shit. You wannabe Edward Snowden, remember you your response when some nigger stated some shit comment of what the nigger wanted to do with your shit fatness of extra skin which is actually your Satan seat, you wannabe Edward Snowden did confessed you „don’t like the smell“ (shit) and now you can comprehend this simple fact; You wannabe Edward Snowden are actually are a corpse of cursed by being a real living piece of SHIT, in the strict Nazi perfection of Holiness And Purity of God shit HAS TO BE eliminated!!! If you wannabe Edward Snowden being a demon but knowing the disgusting nature of shit; perhaps you wannabe Edward Snowden may comprehend this; God Himself is absolutely perfect and sin has to be eliminated so, if you wannabe Edward Snowden are a living piece of shit, what is the natural response? A clensing is the natural response! And you wannabe Edward Snowden are living piece of shit thus is your reason of being sent to hell because God people hates shit and shit is required to be sent to hell. Yes, wannabe Edward Snowden, I did imagined to kill you by stomping on your shit face and your face would had literally collapsed as you are a piece of shit, without much effort of smashing your face to cause your second death. If you wannabe Edward Snowden „dislike“ shit; now you may have a minimal comprehension the deep insult and deeply disrespecting is your shit physical existence in my present as my natural response is to kill you and send you to HELL. As a reference; this same disrespecting and physical shit existence is the same as I sense when I view pictures of the former geographic San Francisco. I have no fear of shit but I laugh at your disgusting shit existence of your corpse because I do noticed your fruits of the flesh of being vain; as you imitate my innocence in this world  and state of Holy innocence as if you wannabe Edward Snowden do portray an image as if you were innocent of the guilt of your shit existence then I will ask you this, and do think about it because I know you don’t have the knowledge to comprehend but do you realizing the basic idea of yours to pretend something you are not? Do you comprehend you are literally hiding something and hiding something from your own comprehension too? Now that the basic are disclosed how would it sense to you if you spoken audioably the word SHIT, do you sense a CORRELATION: as in corre as in the word correct: to your own shit physical existence and if you wannabe Edward Snowden were to be honest with yourself, the reason you attempt to imitate perfection is because YOU DO HATE YOUR PHYSICAL SHIT EXISTENCE because you can’t even utter the fact of SHIT by speaking because even stating the word SHIT YOU do sense yourself as SHIT ITSELF.


The stupidity of the sense of „Jesus Christ“ clothing in the movie „Heaven Is For Real:“ Behold! The real clothing and fashion of Jesus Christ. Doesn’t this fact makes the other stupidity both insult but silly in being laughable of the image of the movie „Heaven Is For Real!?“ YES, it is funny!!!