Jehovah God’s Nazi Sense Of Humor; The Pretended Tv News Of 30/30; If You Are Going To The Northern Latitudes Expected To See The Earth’s Geographic Curvature 

One thing is certainly different from the northern latitudes of the Pacific Northwest and latitudes around the former geographic locations of the non existing geographic locations of both the California and the Chicago; and the Midwest. Especially near the water; the Amtrak train ride near the Puget Sound shoreline north from Olympia and Tacoma are; it is noticeable if one would study the surface of the water and then looks towards the horizon, it is plainly visual the geographic curvature of the planet Earth as if one was actually on the geographic north pole and within some yards from oneself; the view of the ground does curve downwards because of the Earth geographic curvature and the waters are always turbulent with noticeable visual whirl poles within the water; the fact of the far northern latitudes is funny to watch when one is purposely noticing this visual funness of the earth’s curvature but I always had a natural tendency of not noticing the earth’s curvature except when it is very noticeable such as  the Pacific ocean beaches because the whirl poles does effect the strength of the ocean tides as well as the formation of incoming waves which crashes on the sand on the beach and what is noticeable is staring on the earth’s horizon over the ocean and visually there is much of a contrast between the ocean’s horizon and the sky’s horizon. The ocean’s horizon is much closer to onself and the sky’s horizon appears much farther in distance compared to the ocean’s horizon as if the ocean’s horizon was a mountain range which is obstructing the actual horizon of the earth; what is interesting funny of watching the ocean’s horizon is very large waves are visable near the horizon of the ocean as well as the entire ocean’s horizon flexing with the gravitational field pulls because this is a classic sight at all the beaches on the Pacific Northwest such as Golden Gardens in Seattle and Alki beach at Seattle and even the beaches south from Alki beach. My mom and I would send hours looking at the water at both Alki beach and Golden Gardens, my mom’s favorite beach at Seattle was Alki beach because my mom enjoyed the beaches close proximity to resteraunts and grocery stores but I enjoyed more Golden Gardens because the water felt more Marine like compared to Alki beach similar to the false feeling of the beaches of the former California. I remembered during my trips to La Playa at San Francisco of how much the beach there felt both lifeless and false. The ocean’s waves were small and even stormy waves were weak in strength compared to a typical summer day at the beach at the Pacific  northwest coast; I have discovered the coast here at the Pacific Northwest the ground within a few yards into the ocean the ground drastically drops in elevation but in comparison the ocean for some good geographic distance appeared as very shollow ocean water. The horizon very felt disappointed too because it wasn’t fascinated to study because the ocean does look very far towards the horizon was as the sky horizon but it didn’t felt interesting and the geographic expanse of the Pacific ocean as Asia is across there and Australia over there was very boring but the northern direction I felt minimal scientific excitement because of the severity of the northern storms, the much colder waters, the fun excitement sense of exploration of the waters of the Pacific Northwest ocean which feels very much Marine and full of the feelings of living life of the Pacific Northwest ocean.