Friday 9 December 2016; My Prayer For God My Father For Today

The progress of complete God’s knowledge and God’s spiritual body is slow but faster than I expected previously before I realized at the time of the rapture of semblance of the movie „Contact“

I want to thank you God to minister to me through my Aryan Supremacist siblings and I am learning much of the false Christian: which this education of false Christian commenced by the reading of the book  „Gospel Trailblazer,“ the book was written by a black man and the book was released by Billy Graham ministries. I do know the study of false Christians will eventually lead to some study on the demon of Joel Osteen; I noticed the religious law religion of death by Joel Osteen was based on 1990’s idolatry belief in a similar „New age“ of forcing oneself to „feel good,“ or a therapist who has gone too far in a teaching of psychiatry which is both satanic and psychotic and very much egoistic and very much self focused demonic philosophy, the satanic philosophy of exegesis of everything is only about oneself without any sort of help. I want to thank God for giving me a very well and long sleep during last night and the duration of my sleep felt as long as years in duration. I thank God for the current winter weather of the snow and cold temperatures as this winter weather is the winter’s equalivelant of my summer season exploration of the beach at English Bay beach at Vancouver, Canada: of very enjoyable, tiresome, and rejuvenating. I am reminded of the snow at Lake City with my mom and our walks through the snow of nearby shopping outlets of Grocery Outlet, Bartel Drugs, and Fred Meyer and our occasional day rides while a snow storm to SeaTac airport by light rail. Even though the human physical body no longer exists and eventually our current bodies will become totally spiritual with unlimited knowledge; I do have some sadness that I won’t be father of the physical biological but the spiritual biological and I don’t jet comprehend the entirely of our future spiritual existence. Within a few minutes past, I imagined a baby nursery for my future children and then I realized the new Earth and the New Heaven has started, from what I can guess, a new born baby in this new dispensation will already have unlimited knowledge; so it will be much better than new born babies who were born in the previous dispensation because we shall communicate with each other with God’s unlimited knowledge.