Wednesday 7 December 2016; My Father God Has Finally Given The Connection I Have Longed For, For A Longing Which Has Lasted Over One Month

Finally I sense what I have been longing for of over one month of Jehovah God Himself has finally allowed me to know God in a very personal level; the saying of making fun of oneself is true in reference of a photo I saw of an Aryan man in a grocery store and I thought of the past about the commercial hysteria of an imprinted silhouette of the face of Jesus of the cloth of the shroud and I comprehended how those commercialized non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite sadomaschists would react to see God shopping in a grocery store for candy. The blessing of the connection with Jehovah God is, God is talking to me in the plural of us, to mean God’s omnipresents in myself as well of God’s omnipresents everywhere. God also has revealed to me that everything of myself of my soul and body is the same as God’s except for me, I am still in the learning process in knowing God’s Almighty Knowledge and my body is changing too. I have learned by body will eventually slowly change to an ever living physical body. God told me He will be with His Aryan people but too in a slow process by with I will teach the Aryan people of God to obtain a comfortable self awaring knowledge of God, God does want to interact with the Aryan people but as we have seen with our lives here on Earth, God desire us to obtain our knowledge by how we are gifted in the spiritual gifts of revelation as this is how we comprehended the Bible, and the same slowl process in learning the physical God until God is with us. So the process of the New Heaven and the New Earth is a slow process of learning about God. God has revealed to me all of my physical attributes are of God Himself including the deep emotions I experienced and knowing this I feel a precious connection with God as I sense the exact emotions of God Himself. One of my favorite quotes from Jehovah God Himself is „Remember, we are as one,“ which I noticed the German language of Gottes eingeborenen Sohn; is explicit in describing „Remember, we are as one.“ I will very much enjoy to reach and teach God’s Aryan people of God Himself and God has revealed Himself to me as when I do described Jehovah God it will be as His Aryan people are actually talking to God Himself and I will very much love that type of bonding of oneness between myself and the Aryan people. I picture in a sorts; of the movie „The Giver“ except my Aryan people and I will eventually will live in a perfect world of nothing of corruption such as some of the individuals in the movie were corrupted and the old man wasn’t God in the movie „The Giver,“ which I explained my developing communications with the Aryan race as a deep love of becoming one with God’s children. This is my Thanks sacrifice towards God today. I am glad my ancestral lineage is of everlasting since God created the first Adam and I do feel a deep spiritual oneness of my ancestors from the first Adam and when God talks to me, God is also talking to all of my ancestors in the biological and because of this new knowledge I no longer has grief for my mom and my maternal Grandmother Eva Braun for only a little of missing them a little of the past physical memories of them but I have learned yesterday I will maintain all of my memories and my memories of my mom and my maternal Grandmother Eva Braun will remain with me forever and I have noticed by the passage of time those memories will become precious because of a World which no longer exists nor the physical will not exist as it did in the past such as the previous aging and dying process. I do know I have been given a very special privilege to witness the end of the world and I was the last direct descendant from Adam of God stating „this far and no futher,“ in reference to the old dispensation of the aging and physically dying and the new dispensation of the slow eventually of everything becoming the New Heaven and the New Earth. What is a deep insult about the existence of sexuality is the former corruption of sexuality as the procreate process of a biological man and a biological woman. I have seen God’s penis and spiritual ejaculation but it feels totally different from our current physical existence, God feels perfect as with no maximum of sexual arousal but God does get arouse in His support of his Aryan Supremacist heterosexual children to reproduce as I sense the sexual arousal originates from Jehovah God Himself and it is a perfect sexual arousal of not between man and woman but the continuation of the Aryan Supremacist children of God; Because this is a highly elevated gift from Jehovah God Himself, it is one of the reasons we exist but the main reason to exist to to be with God in His oneness because God deeply loves us and desires very happiness from his Aryan Supremacist children and even the desires we believe are insignificant God does consider it a deep concern for Him to give His children including snacks, or minnute daily desire or complain we have. The complaints we have are because God desire from His children a complete open conversation of an Almighty Father and by allowing us to complaints God is teaching us to don’t feel fearful of God’s Almighty power or God doesn’t want His children to feel as if by stating their desires to God that such complaints are disrespecting God’s Almighty predestined plans for oneself and the contrary God desire an authentic conversation with His Aryan Supremacist children and anything we are able to talk with God and even discuss to God our sexuality of which I had discovered by asking God to grant me a break from the stressful sexual arousal and God does encourage His children by disclosing the origination of procreation sexuality in Jehovah God Himself. What do you comprehend the explicit definition of God FATHER is or the CREATOR FATHER means? In the scriptures; it does explain both the act of creating creations by Jehovah God’s orders and the other definition of FATHER is the Almighty power of the origin of procreation.

Today, God my Father has showed me the future change of my current physical body to a spiritual body of where I will have flames of my eyes with flaming radiant waves ejecting out from my eyes; the change will occur much faster than I expected because for a couple of seconds I had the flaming eyes and because of precedence this process will eventually become more frequent and longer in duration until I remain in the flaming spiritual body
I had a very spiritual funness with my Aryan Supremacist brother of Brandon Heath today and such a God’s blessing I felt with several minutes of a good laugh with this picture of the 30/30 hysterical news of God Himself saying while shopping for candy and Jehovah God would say „My name is Eli Joshua Hitler Razcon“ with Brandon Heath joking to with the 30/30 theme news of „Behold Our God; No Turning Back“ and I noticed how natural is the Holiness of God’s joking with each other and Brandon Heath responded but added more to the news theme broadcaster of the 30/30 news
The God Children generation of this current new dispensation of witnessing the transition from the former Earth and former Heaven To the eventual complete change to the New Heaven and the New Earth