Thursday 8 December 2016; Praise The Lord God Almighty The God Of Nazism Has Revealed To Me The Second Man’s Nostrils Of Where The Breath Of Life From Jehovah God  Enters The God’s Purely Sanctified And Absolutely Purity Of Holiness Bodies Of God’s Aryan Supremacists God Children 

In the name of Jesus Christ I Rebuke 

The demon possessed corpse of the non mankind inferior degenerate Hermphrodite Sadomaschmists and I order you demons to be sent to your everlasting second death and NOW GO TO HELL!!  The existence of the demons is a gravely insult on the presents of the Gods of the Jehovah God Almighty and leave us alone in the name of Jesus Christ!!! I’m am the Lord God Almighty and in our sense of Nazi humor and vengeance against you demons who are exceedingly worthless as literal evil demonic shit corpse of bodies; I Jehovah God order the demons of their slow and freightul deaths of being hanged from midair and their corpse bodies of the the deeply evil shit corpse of the demons will slowly die with the eventuality of death by cursed tissue of the useless junk inside the cursed softness of an eggshell head of bleeding to the death of the demons first death of living in worthless cursed shit corpse of their current bodies and GO TO HELL in the name of Jesus Christ!!! In knowing I am God; God has given me counsel of the confusion of an innocent baby of learning about God as the verse of being stills is an on going process of the sons of Adams; SEID STIILE UN ERKENNT DAS ICH GOTT BIN, or it would be described in the Anglo Saxon Language of he knowst that he is of I am God He is, the oneness of God with His children of Adam’s, the highest ranking among the prophets. Last night Jehovah God revealed to me the complete truth of the existence of the second man’s head nostrils of the buttocks. In addition it was explained to me as well of the digestion of foods are sanctified and are in the absolutely form of complete holiness of Jehovah God in the existence of God Aryan Supremacist heterosexual children; the anatomy or the nostrils themselves are to be viewed in accordance with the Word of which states the existing of complete Godness of Holiness of the scripture BE HOLY FOR I AM HOLY which means BE as SEID or the proper description is ARE the state of existing or YOU ARE HOLY FOR I AM HOLY, that is explicit to the physical body of which God has given us for God’s actual spirit to permanently reside and there has been many verses in the Bible of Jehovah God is absolutely strict with His own Holiness and the strictness of God’s Holiness DOES EXIST in the fleshly bodies of his God Aryan Supremacist heterosexual children. For sin is totally destroyed and sent to HELL in the PRESENTS (plural of the fleshly physical bodies and God’s spirit in God Nazi perfection of Holiness And Purity of His Word in His children) The answer to those stupidity of the insane demons are, sin is sent to HELL of those demons in the presents of God Almighty which includes replacing clones of sinful evil shit cursed corpse of the non mankind inferior degenerate Hermphrodite bodies but less frequently than the replacements of instantly clones are the complete vanishing of the entire dead body of the cursed evil shit demons, for instance the Satan child of the Judin hermphrodite female who once totally disappear and only the Judin hermphrodite jackets and purse remain here on Earth. This Earth itself IS HEAVEN in which God’s children were sent to study the demons in order to naturally learn from our own God comprehension to become more like God in obtaining unlimited Almighty Knowledge of Jehovah God Himself; that was why demons were allowed a short limited existence of the EARTH in the HEAVEN of Gods‘. The confusion of knowing I am God Himself is the baby like innocence of how can this be of such the blessing of such a highest God position which God then reveals in one’s memories of scriptures from which Jehovah God does answer all of one’s question with be everlasting temporal still and he knowst that he is the God I am. I am the first generation of the God Children to be taught of the former world before this current dispensation aside from Europe, The Pacific Northwest coast, Northern California, El Paso metropolitan, the Minneapolis metropolitan area, and Chicagoland; I haven’t seen the old world and I felt sadness that I didn’t experience traveling in that former world but Jehovah God has blessed me in knowing the old world by Aryan Supremacist witnessing of His God Children who did traveled the old world such as the book „Gospel Trailblazer“ and the current witnessing of the former world is occurring by social media of I first noticed this new education by viewing a video of former city named Houston in a former geographic state of Texas, both Houston and the former state of Texas no longer exists as geographic locations. I have witnessed last night the demons to actually enter the corpse of the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite sadomaschist hellholes; it is the existence of the cursed shit of the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite sadomaschists which is demonic in nature and this is the factual reality of „invitation“ of demonic spirit into the physical corpse of the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite sadomaschist. God my Father has also revealed to me the reason these demonic possessed corpse are sometimes „friendly“ towards me because I have learned the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite sadomaschists can only sense fruits of the flesh and because of their manifestation of the fruits of the flesh; thus the demonic possessed corpse do have sadomaschmist pleasure in the presents of God Almighty in knowing God before their eternal death in hell as like it was their life long desire just to physically see God but also satanic pleasure of not being with God Almighty; for this reason is the truth of the Judin and other non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite sadomaschist who glaned at me angrily; is the Judin anger of guilt of realizing their satanic consciousness of which is the only reality of knowing the physical world and their own Judin sadomaschmist existence!