Myself Mentioned In The Bible; I Am Mentioned By God In The Third Person; As In „You Will See The Son Of God Seated On The Right Side Of The Father“ And In Bible God’s Uses Personal Nouns For Himself As Such „In Dwelling I Have To Will Be Sayeth, There Is Gods: And All To Times Sons Of The Almighty“ Offenbarung Was Where I First Started To Comprehend My Role As God’s EINGEBORENEN  (Which Describe The Biological Lineage Of Adam) One To Will Be BORNS-Ancestrol Lineage; dass er seinen eingeborenen Sohn gab. Offenbarung And she TO WILL BE given birth Son from Ones man Children And her Child we en route returneth to God and his Throne Now is the Salvation and the power and the kingdom our GODS‘ TO WILL BE WORDS and might his Christ. Johannes. He Almighty is has Moses in the waste of wilderness of the serpent, so must the Son of Man he Almighty is, to will be at waste of wilderness. Then also has God the World to will be loveth, that he one to will be borns Son gave.

I first discovered myself in Bible scriptures when I read Offenbarung 12, and I told my mom and my mom explained to me the verse is about Mary and Jesus, except my mom and I had one of our typical educational arguments because of that time the idolatry of the virgin Mary but my mom didn’t described Mary as the virgin Mary but my mom told me the general Mary how is referring to the virgin Mary is the Queen of Heaven and the mother of God and I asked my mom how can that be? Because God can’t have a biological mother because God is Almighty and my mom resdonded you are correct but the scripture is about Mary and Jesus. It wasn’t until I lived at Vancouver, Canada of I discovered the scripture of Ye are Gods, children of the Most High: that everything was revealed to me; eventually I discovered about my direct descendance from Adam on my maternal lineage and because of the Adamic lineage all males born in the male lineage of Adam are God’s Only begotten Sons and I am the only physical living descendant of Adam by my direct maternal lineage. Moses „What a privilege to love you, to teach you all that we know, to watch you build a collection of dreams that you can call your own.“