Gewessen Dabei Jesus Christ Schulte Die Unity Care Northwest Care Durch Mestizin Und Judin Zum

Jehovah God Himself has been protecting me and this time Jehovah God has protected me from the sadomaschmist junk of the Unity Care Northwest At Bellingham
Jehovah God has confirmed this dream of er erkennt in many manner. First Biblical verse, then scripture of what has been planned by the demonic possessed corpse body of the „Lucas“ and the Judin Hermphrodite demon possessed corpse body of the „Carson“ and today the demons representative of the Judin Hermphrodite demon possessed corpse body of the Adelaide confirmed on dehalf of both the Mestizin „Lucas“ and the Judin Hermphrodite „Carson“
This is the Aryan man I have nicknamed er erkennt
This was the Aryan man of whom God showed me in a dream of this Aryan man was concerned about something which felt missing such as I didn’t yet comprehended the holiness of the buttocks in procreation of I learned of the storage of God’s promise sperm to will be at a time in the future one’s child. I remember this man’s butt of a „lunar“ my mom called them on the left side butt muscles. This Aryan man, I have nicknamed er erkennt

Jehovah God has revealed to me an important holiness of which it was required to me to know about of I first noticed from the music video „Little Drummer Boy“ by Bethel Kids Music

God revealed to me „Lucas“ from Unity Care Northwest, a demon possessed mestizin corpse „Lucas“ was; Jehovah God revealed to me the demon possessed corpse of the Lucas was to be the leader of demonic herd mentality of implantation of evil „gay“ magazine. The role the „Lucas“ was to play, was the pretending to be Christian by imitating the kindness of Aryan Christian mention as „Lucas“ career position was only the non professional title of „counselor“ which actually is a proper term for a Christian pastor.

Markus 16, 9. Als aber Jesus auferstanden war fruh am ersten Tag der Woche, erschien er zuerst Maria Magdalena, von der er sieben Damonen ausgetrieben hatte.

Markus 6, 7-8. Und er rief die Zwolf zu sich und fing an, sie auszusenden je zwei und zwei, und gab ihnen Macht uber die unreinen Geister. 8. und gebot ihnen, nichts mitzunehmen auf den Weg als allein einen Stab, kein Brot, keine Tasche, keine Geld im Gurtel.

A respresentation of the dream I had of the Aryan man er erkennt which joking in the holiness of God
This picture of Joel Smallbone reminds me of me because when I am reminded of anything of a sexual connections of feeling from my Aryan brothers of that is exactly how I feel, I sense an embarrassment of my sexual arousal is noticeable to the public but not in being ashamed but in embarrassment of feeling grown up with the joking Alexander Lapin stereotype
This picture of the Aryan man with his tongue sticking out; when my mom got teased upon by those demonic possessed corpse of the non mankind inferior degenerate Hermphrodite Sadomaschmists; after my mom had defended herself against them my mom would form a dead face of a person dying by being hanged with the tongue hanging out of the mouth.