Tuesday 6 December 2016; „What a privilege to love you, to teach you all that we know, to watch you build a collection of dreams that you can call your own“ This Is The Reason Why God’s Children Yet Don’t Have Unlimited Knowledge As God’s Almighty Knowledge; We God’s Children Are On Earth To Learn. Romer 8, 17. Sind wir aber Kinder 

Now that Satan is in hell, this earth feels much different as a Heaven itself feeling. The demon possessed corpse of the the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite sadomaschists has decreased greatly in numbers since Sunday. I have noticed yesterday, the new dispensation of the Earth and the universe, God his fulfilling his final judgement on all whom has sined including Satan. Sunday night was interesting because a clone of the Judin at Assumption Church was at downtown Bellingham, while I walked from the library to the Mission Shelter; the Judin clone from the Assumption Church was facing God’s finally judgement while the Judin hermphrodite clone was still in her body, the Judin hermphrodite yell in panicked terror and the Judin hermphrodite say God’s wrathful face. God does have a face of fire and his entire body is a orange red color with a orange red crown. Last week I saw God’s right hand turning a wheel of fire and I saw the palm of God’s right hand and the appearance of the shape is very much like mine and occasionally God does play the peek a boo games with me of God would suddenly appear and say peek a boo and wave his tongue in the air as suddenly God will move into view sort of like the Stranger Alexander Lapin steorotype and sometimes at the peek a boo games God has with me God would either appeared as I witnessed for God will also wave his right hand while a burning wheel turns and the wheel does have a swastika, eventually of the peek a boo games sometimes I only see yellow red eyes of God’s while there is waves of hear, similar to the images of a dessert of heat radiating from the ground and sometimes I see the God’s heat radiating from a not so high level to a group of non mankind inferior degenerate Hermphrodite of the „choir“ at the Assumption Church and I noticed all the non mankind inferior degenerate Hermphrodite of the choir appeared frightened at the same time and I knew they all felt God’s wrath and the heat wave image at the Assumption Church, the heat wave radiation spread out from the ground but when the heat waves arrived after the distance of the altar and a little towards me the waves of heat turned more into heat radiating waves with steam and the heat radiating waves with steam rose up again and fell on the group on the choir of the non mankind inferior degenerate Hermphrodite. Now I know the powers of the heaven or comos are being shaken too, because I saw stars flashing very bright then left or were completely gone and reappear and actually move from their positions in the cosmos. The planet Earth has changed much geographically and much of the former landmasses are now gone; from my knowledge I rejoice in the Lord and my favorite lands which are completely gone are Japan and Mexico. The only existing metropolitan in America is Seattle and all the other American cities has been destroyed by earthquakes such as Chicago, New York city, and Boston. In addition I discovered the Pacific Northwest was humanly plan to be a havean for Christ Aryan of the great migration of Aryans to the Pacific Northwest. My residency here started with my mom in the year 2002 since my mom died in 2014, I have literally felt homeless, even though I rented an apartment in San Jose, CA for less than two years but even at San Jose I felt homeless. Here at Bellingham, I am homeless and feel homeless but now I have a routine which is very similar to the routine I had while I lived with my mom at King Arthur’s court apartment and I returned in the evening for dinner and discussed my day events with my mom but a substitute of reporting my day events are the postings on my WordPress blog but sometimes because when I enter the shelter, I  sense a habit of saying „mom I am home.“ At the occasions when I arrived at the apartment at Lake City my mom would either be in the kitchen, the bathroom, watching tv, or in her room and my mom would ask me „how was your day?“ Being homeless since my mom passed feels similar to the music video of „Sleep On The Floor“ by The Lumineers. God’s judgement on the Judin hermphrodite from the Catholic church was based on Satan’s original sin which the Satan children inherited from their father of Satan; I knew the Judin Hermphrodite was from the Catholic church because the Judin hermphrodrite knew the Bible and asked God for forgiveness and God told the Judin hermphrodite from the Church, God would not forgive her son because the Judin hermphrodrite shouldn’t had blasphemed against the Holy Ghost and I knew God was referring to the Judin hermphrodite’s inheritance of sin by the Judin hermphrodite’s  father of Satan.