Maleachi 3, 2-3. Wer wird aber den Tag seines Kommens ertragen konnen, und wer wird bestehen, wenn er erscheint? Denn er ist wie das Feuer eines Schmelzers und wie die Lauge der Wascher. 3. ER WIRD SITZEN UND SCHMELZEN UND DAS SILBER REINIGEN, er wird die Sohne Levi reinigen und lautern wie sie dem HERRN Opfer bringen in Gerechtigkeit. Sacharja 3, 3-5, 7-10. 3. Und er liess mich sehen den Hohenpriester Jeschua, Wie vor dem Engel Des HERRN stand, und der Satan stand zu seiner Rechten, um ihn verklagen. 2. Und der HERR sprach zum Satan: DER HERR SCHELTE DICH, du Satan! JA, DER HERR SCHELTE DICH, der Jerusalem erwahlt hat! Ist dieser nicht ein Brandscheit, das aus dem Feuer gerettet ist? Jeschua aber hatte unrein kleider an und stand vor dem Engel, 4. Der an hob und sprach zu denen, die vor ihm standen: Tut die unreinen Kleider von ihm! Und er sprach zu ihm: Sieh her, ich nehme deine Sunde von dir und lasse dir Feirkleider anziehen. Und ich sprach: Setzt ihm einen reinen kopfbund auf sein Haupt! Und sie setzten ihm den reinen kopfbund auf sein Haupt und zogen ihm kleider an, und der Engel des HERRN stand dabei. 7-10. So spricht der HERRN Zebaoth: Wirst du in meinen Wegen Wandeln und meinen Deinst recht versehen, so sollst du meinem Haus Recht sprechen und meine Vorhofe bewahren. Und ich will dir Zugang zu mir geben mit diesen, die hier stehen. 8. Hore nun Jeschua, du Hohepriester: du und deine Bruder, die vor dir sitzen, sind mit einander ein Zeichen: denn siehe, ich will meinen knecht Spross kommen lassen. Ja, siehe, auf dem einen Stein, den ich vor Jeschua hingelegt habe, sind sieben Augen. Siehe, ich grabe seine Inschrift ein, spricht der HERRN Zebaoth: Ich will die Sunde jenes Landes wegnehmen an einem einzigen Tag. 10. Zu derselben Zeit, spricht der HERR ZEBAOTH WIRD EINER DEN ANDERN EINLADEN UNTER DEN WEINSTOCK UND UNTER DEN FEIGENBAUM. Saturday 3 December 2016; Second Dream Of A Process In Sexual Maturity Of Required As A Blessing From God In One’s Development In Further Bonding And Physical Growth In Order To Eventually Procreate; The Angelic Images Of The Anatomy Exit, As I Sense God’s Conviction Of This Is A Requirement Of Spiritual Healing In The Natural Process Of Becoming More Fertile By God’s Holy Ghost 

I have given this Aryan man the nickname of „ich er erkennt“ because of the dream of knowing the er erkennt by God Himself. I had a stressed traumatized childhood of this Aryan man since yesterday, of the same 1990’s junk which I grew up of the commercialism junk to desensitized the heterosexual male by Judin Hermphrodite Sadomaschmists commercialism and the non feelings of the Judin Hermphrodite „men“ as the stereotype of „men“ during the 1990’s which even at that time was sort of obvious but complex for having sexual feelings for females which weren’t based on female breads, nor butts, and during the stupidity of the 1990’s stupidity of woman I wondered but kept quiet of the reason why the pussy wasn’t discussed as the main sexual attraction for the female. Today, I sense some stress from this man of some sort of relived 1990’s trauma and in the name of Jesus Christ may God heal you and I. For me the current day trauma is being manifested by feeling enraged at the 1990’s blasphemous junk again being verbally commercialized against the Holy Ghost; in the name of Jesus Christ kill of the 1990’s blasphemous junk and kill off the demons and send both the 1990’s commercialism junk and the demons to hell!!!

The music video of Bethel Kids of the song „Little Drummer Boy“ is heterosexual liberation for the Aryan man of a same heterosexual liberation which occurred commencing in 1914 by the Charleston Song and dance for the Heteorosexual liberation of the Aryan woman during the 1910’s generation

Since the Judin hermphrodite „men“ are literally dickless and sterile the sadomaschmist will have their own Hellish torture by this picture of the silhouette of the penis of Ben Davies

My mom‘ favorite actor in the movie „Courageous“ the conversations Ben Davies had in the movie why mom would ask me, one question was When did you realized you felt like a man? I told my mom at age 18 because by law males are recognized as men at age 18 and are legally responsible for themselves before the law at age 18

Perhaps the commencing of a syncope
I noticed this morning at Fred Meyer, one of the sexual physical features of the Aryan man which causes sexual arousal in Aryan woman is the Aryan woman views Aryan men as living penis of the entire man’s body, of a confirmation of a tv commercial of I comprehended the sexual arousal of the stereotype sexual arousal from Aryan women by seeing a man surfing, for me, I first noticed the sexual representation of sex by the water of the ocean itself and then how the „females“ reacted by watching „man“ surfing and I realized the imagery of the entire Aryan man’s body is viewed by Aryan woman as an entire penis of the Aryan man and the imagery of Aryan men ejaculating from anywhere from their body. The factors for this guess are these; my mom told me women has a sexual requirement to feel a man’s semen in their birth chamber. The Aryan man views in plan description a delicate compassionate birth chamber. The tv imagery which represents sex itself, my mom said woman are sexually aroused by the silhouette of a man’s penis because the penis represents strength and authority
I do understand characteristics of what an Aryan woman become sexually aroused by an Aryan man but it is impossible for me to comprehend it because I only now of characters and not the actual Aryan womans‘ internal imagery nor feelings attacked to the sexual imagery experienced by Aryan woman and even if I were told details of which I have, I still wouldn’t comprehend it.

In reference to the early morning of Wednesday November 30, 2016. About feeling desperately separate from my Aryan supremacist brothers, God has healed me in a drastic noticably manner; as is described in my recent posts starting this past Wednesday. I sensed a strong conviction from Jehovah God of seeing the space in between my butt muscles and the anatomy exit because the tissue themselves are deeply sanctified in spiritual protecting the man in the procreation and the blessing from God of imbeded Holy Ghost in the muscles and flesh of the anatomy exit and the butt muscles and besides of the typical white color of an Aryan man, I saw an holiness of the Bible verses of spiritual whiteness, the spiritual whiteness of snow is true but there is a deep feeling of a strong manifestation of the Holy Ghost in a unique type of everlasting holy innocence and in part the Holy innocence is one main factor of God’s manifestations of God’s breath of life. In my dream I didn’t dream myself but the Aryan man in the music video of the God Is On The Move, but I sense my conscious and his too. In my dream I first saw an image of the Aryan man kneeled ahead a mirror and I sensed God has shown me this image of, if I saw my own anatomy exit myself without this reference I wouldn’t comprehend the procreation spiritual significance because when I saw the Aryan man’s anatomy exit, there were about one second of I didn’t comprehend the spiritual significance in which God was very strict in His conviction of how important the Holiness is to procreate. The Aryan man already had this knowledge of the spiritual significance of the anatomy exit, and felt, you are seeing this because for all men, it is only physically impossible to see one’s anatomy exit and all men can’t find it for awhile, and I saw the Aryan man of the spreading of the muscles and the anatomy exit was no where to be found because of how the muscles extended layered the anatomy exit, and the Aryan man moved closer and still had a physically difficult time in applying proper force to see the anatomy exit and I saw the anatomy exit and I saw it in a spiritual nature of God allowing me to react if I saw mine in not comprehending what I saw of the spiritual nature and God was deeply strict in a sort of being made but it wasn’t God’s anger but God’s emotion of a type of anger was for me to comprehend what the spiritual significance of the anatomy exit is really about, and I felt a certain rebuke not in God’s anger but how strict is the divinity of the conception. I sense the significance of the anatomy exit has nothing to do with the digestion system because at the other side of the anatomy exit I saw a spiritual realm, and God told me, what is really at the other side of the anatomy exit are sperms which are blessed in the predestined existence of conceiving woman’s egg, God told me, your sperms are deeply annointed by God’s spirit and are Godly protected until the event of conception. When one is Annoited by the Holy Ghost to mature sexually everything is viewed differently including one’s body in reference in first learning its biological functions and then God reveals to you the cause of the sexual functions are divinely caused by God’s Holy Ghost and in accordance with the Holy Ghost as the view other Aryan heterosexual men with the Holiness And Purity of the perfection of the Aryan man, I didn’t dreamt of the God Is on the move Aryan man’s genitalia. For us there a natural tendency  of a noticeable severity of sanctity of the anatomy exit of which the Holy Ghost is manifested vastly different from sexual arousal; the strictness is of God’s protection of the Annoited predestined sperms, in which is only the main cause of the manifestation of the Holy Ghost, for instance in touching one’s anatomy exit; a strict of a  requirement of one’s attention is only due to maintaining the sanctity of the predestined Annoited sperms, by which men has a natural tendency to be overly hygenically clean, even it isn’t necessarily as to the strictness of the Holy Ghost gives us. The cleaning isn’t about the end of the digested food but God’s over protection of the Annoited predestined sperms; the manifestation of God’s protection. While the dream I sensed the manifestation of the Holy Ghost as is described in the song of Third Day of Soul On Fire and the Maleachi verse of Jehovah God talking about the prophet Joshua as to described of Joshua of the spiritual clensing, manifestation, and God’s annoiting upon the prophet Joshua. I have discovered an important verse which proves the importance of the Aryan man in the music video of God Is on the move and myself in the dream: Sacharja 8, Hore nun Jeschua, du Hohepriester: du und deine Bruder, die vor dir sitzen, sind mit einander ein Zeichen, ja, siehe, auf dem einen Stein, den ich vor Jeschua hingelegt habe, sind sieben Augen. Yesterday, when I saw the music video of „Little Drummer Boy“by Bethel Kids; I felt something very significant of the proximity of the buttocks to the male reproductive system as asignificant holiness factor; but I didn’t know what the holiness was. It is the physical fact, the biological digestion exit has nothing to do with the Holiness of the Annoited predestined sperms and this overwhelming feeling of innocent with Annoited holiness what I do feel when I look at the butt muscles of my Aryan brothers and the comfort feelings is so strong when I watch the „Little Drummer Boy“ by Bethel Kids of which I respond with „my cute Angels,“ because that is what I sense the strong holiness of an Angel and cute in meaning perfectly God created of much precision as to prove the detailed handiwork of God. It is true, I am the Father of the Aryan race and the brotherly connection I have for my Aryan Supremacist brothers is from my mom connection to her people of the Aryan people of which in being actively thinking of any member of the Aryan race, I eventually feel grief for my mom but in this specific post I felt the grief by sensing the brother connection with the Aryan man of God Is on the move and I strongly sense a connection from the Aryan man toward my mom as a sort of mother which my mom is the mother leader of the Aryan race.