New Form Of Sexual Arousal; Friday 2 December 2016

Since Wednesday, my sexual arousal has been changing and today I have a totally different type of sexual arousal compared to the sexual arousal I experienced prior to the ailment I experienced on Wednesday morning. I am now almost in constant anger in sexual arousal as to mean the anger isn’t caused by any one nor anything but the self killing sexual arousal of the fish metaphor of the type of sexual arousal I now have are now being separated into the strong constant requirement to ejaculate every 15 minutes and into anger in sexual arousal instead of being concentrated solely on the salmon fish metaphor of self killing, but the combined emotions of both feeling the requirement to ejaculate every 15 and the anger arousal feeling is as strong as the salmon fish metaphor of self killing. Plus I sense to do many things in a sort amount of time as if my time had some sort of restrictions of which I can’t control such as posting many posts, music listening, and arraignments of pictures I have.