My Father Charles Razcon; I Want To Share To You How I Feel Of The Non Mankind Inferior Hermphrodite Point Of Contacts To Encounter The Gestapo For The Non Mankind Inferior Hermphrodites To Be Sent Away To The Nazi Concentration Camps 

One of the events I look forward to is the continuation of my DNA bloodlines from both my paternal and maternal, but especially my maternal bloodline because I am the only living heir on my maternal side of the family.

This is my future Grandson Paulus Razcon, my mom named him Paul, and God told me about Paul, I am excited my future Grandson Paulus Razcon looks so much like my mom.

First of all it feels very boring, I do understand they prefer not to kill themselves but even the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite are aware of their worthless existence of their corpse entities and they do know they are demon possessed. I wanted to explain to you how I feel at the different locations I go to such as the Church and libraries, these places don’t feel the same anymore compared to early 2016 when America was the United States of America, these places now feels as a very short term housing facilities and it is boring because everything now feels the same as all of the short term housing facilities but I enjoy observing the Nazi point of contact and I have visited Concentration Camps and the observations of those locations are very excited to study and memorize.

I love you my Father from your son,