Friday 2 December 2016: In The Name Of Jesus Christ I Rebuke The Non Mankind Inferior Hermphrodite Their Demonic Possessed Corpse Of Insults Against The Holy Ghost By Insulting Aryan Supremacist Heterosexual Men; Because Your Definition Of „Anus“ And „Excrement“ Aryan Supremacist Heterosexual Men Don’t Have Because Aryan Supremacist Heterosexual Men Are Sanctified By Jehovah God 

God wants me to witness against the sadomaschmist insanity junk of the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite demon possessed corpse of bodies and to be explicit in describing the Aryan man’s body. First, the Aryan man’s body is sanctified including the digestive system and the exit point of the end of digestion or the anatomy exit. In irony of the insanity of the sadomaschmist in comparison to the Aryan man’s exit point of digestion the anatomy exit does exists, the anatomy exit is so small in size of which is it difficult to find the anatomy exit to clean one’s self after one is finished of the digestion. Yes, Aryan men do imagine other men naked in certain situations such as music videos, and because of the sanctity of the Aryan man we are able to imagine details of the Aryan man’s body while sensing a God given divinity on the Aryan man of an angelic perfect blessed by Jehovah God body. For me and because of my own experience I know Aryan men has these images too, but I do image the details of the male genitalia of certain Aryan men and the complete nakedness of Aryan men buttocks and the space in between the butt muscles and the anatomy in imaging these images I have realized the unique blessings God Himself did in forming the Aryan man and a strong else of wonder of God’s protection creations of the Aryan man and it is Biblical based too in many verses it is stated to consider the marvelous works of God’s handyman and verses of viewing nature itself in reference to the work of God’s handyman and other verses of to consider whatsoever is pure, whatsoever is just to think of these things and such I do sense when I see the complete nakedness of Aryan men.