For My Paternal Grandmother Queen Elizabeth Razcon 

I enjoy this picture of you as I feel your comfort, love, and strengthness

My mom frequently reminds me of you, of a similar love and teaching me of how to become totally self reliable and independent and I noticed this parenting from mothers is unique from mothers of the Aryan race
In this picture I can see your sense of humor and it is similar to the humor of my maternal Grandmother Eva Braun, My Grandmother Eva sometimes like to make scary faces for making fun or joking but the common facial expression of my Grandma Eva was a joking question face experience

My Dear Loving Grandmother Elizabeth!,

I want to write to you of how I sense I see you of how beautiful you are, I inherited many of your physical characteristics of same formation of curly hair and your lips; because of these physical characteristics of I inherited from you, I don’t feel far from you in geographical distance. I sense a strength similar of my mom but more like my own self confidence of relentlessly being persistent and I admire that strength I sense from you because I sense love and a role model of how to become, and I sense you have strength and faith in Jesus Christ. I do desire to communicate to you truthfully and I do deeply trust you as my Grandmother and I desire to start a family dialogue with you and to communicate with my authentic personality to you. I very much enjoy how youthful energetic you still appear in the physical as if you are still young in your twenties and I sense you have a youthful manner in communicating your jokes. I very much desire to witness this joking manner from you and to joke with you too. I wanted to write more to you in this post but I have so much to do in a limited time but I cherish this first post of my communication to you and I both long and desire to write to you soon. I love you my Grandma Elizabeth 

From your loving Grandson,