Wednesday 30 November 2016; My Thanks Sacrifice To Jehovah God 

Firstly I didn’t had enough time to write about my first visit at the Assumption Church last Saturday evening; but God was involved in His manifestation of His Holy Ghost at the Assumption Church. A Christian made a „Pew Art“ of a small piece of paper, the message written on the paper was written for Jehovah God Himself to protect me from the demonic possessed corpse entities at the Assumption Church because if I hadn’t read the „Pew Art“ information of warning but welcoming of „Children“ to mean the Aryans of a House of worship and to freely express one worship to Jehovah God; Saturday night’s evening service would had been the only church service I would had attended. I want to thank you Jehovah God for renewing of your promise to make everything new; because of the former Satan activities which were practiced widely throughout the North American continent. I knew of the prophecies of the end times during which Christian worshiper had to worship in private because of the prosecution of the Satan children and there are prophecies because of the prosecution by Satan children: the Christian can no longer worship in public nor at churches and Christians will have underground church service to hid from the persecution of the Satan children. It has been much time of longing to worship God in an authentic Christian church and I visited a church at Vancouver and the church across the street from the main branch of the Vancouver public library; the church was open is displaying idolatry of „Buddhism“ at that church and Vancouver and the „sermon“ by the Satan worshiping synagogue was very overt in sinfulness against Jesus Christ and I walked out from the „Church.“ Because of all the recent satanic activities at „Church“ I was much reluctant to attended any churches anywhere on the North American continent, including here at Bellingham, Washington. I first attended a mestizin church at Alabama Street and I didn’t like it much but only I enjoyed and liked the free food of lunch after service during the afternoon.