Thursday 1 December 2016; Romer 1, 1-3. So gibt es nun keine Verdammnis fur die, die in Christus Jesus sind. 2. Denn das Gesetz des Geistes, der lebendig macht in Christus Jesus, hat dich frei gemacht von dem Gesetz der Sude und des Todes. 3. Denn was dem Gesetz umoglich war, weil es durch das Fleisch geschwacht war, das tat Gott: Er sandt seine Sohn in der Gestalt des Sundigen Fleisches und um der Sunde im Fleisches. Monday 30 November 2016, Evening Event Of An Insult Against God As A Demon In A Judin It „Woman“ Asked Jehovah God Himself „Are You Catholic?“

The demon possessed corpse of the Judin hermphrodrite it „woman“ viewed herself not as a Judin but mestizin demon asked the Judin corpse body is the Judin corpse body was a mestizin because the question of „do you speak English“ was spoken to the Judin hermphrodite „woman“ it and „English“ is the American classification of the American dialect of the is an authentic connection of both the Mestizin dialect and the American dialect are both related dialect of more similarities with both dialects than its two Germanic Parent languages and Yes „English“ is a code for the Mestizin dialect and the English language doesn’t exist as Anglo Saxon Language Is the Official Language Of The United Kingdom And The Anglo Saxon Language isn’t spoken at North America as a majority language

Even the Catholic meaning of „Universal“ is an insult because of the direct reference not to „Universal“ but a „religion“ of rituals of the religious curse of death. Religion doesn’t exist because Jehovah God Himself isn’t a monument; Jehovah God is an Almighty God of unlimited powers and „religion“ does describes locations such as structures, items, which has nothing to do with God Almighty. In the name of Jesus Christ I rebuke the Judin it „woman“ of such an insult to tell God Himself to leave and no, I will not leave but of course I will send you to Hell of which is your primary reason to insult me and no, instead of your demonic attempts to place God’s wrath against guilt at the physical location of the church’s sanctuary I place the guilt on the Judin hermphrodite it „woman“ so now all of your clones of the demon possessed Judin hermphrodrite it „womans“ will be sent to hell for your attempts to corrupt the sanctuary with demonic evilness. As stupid as the Judin hermphrodite it „woman“ was; do you comprehend the severity of your deeply insulting question you asked God Himself and in all likelihood the Judin hermphrodite it „woman“ wouldn’t comprehend the intention of „her“ demonic question but of course the Judin hermphrodite woman „it“ does know some insult has occurred and in the religious Catholicism of the curse of death, the Judin hermphrodite it „woman“ will look upon her insult with „honor“ of achieving higher satanic demonic evilness.