Post Of My Own Gestapo Protection Man Personnel 

This post is about the men whom I know who are my Gestapo Protection Man Personnel and whom I desire to be a part of my Gestapo Protection Man Personnel of picture. First Brandon Heath of the picture which reminds me of my mom physically and myself; sometimes I laugh of how muscular my mom’s arms were when I see Brandon Heath’s arms, I sense first a closeness to my mother then a  slightly minor sadness of my mom of remembering my mom. I like looking at Brandon Heath lips because I sense a biological relationship with him as if he was biologically related to me and I rejoice in the Lord of I have a brother of so many forms; first a brother of my mother’s characterics  protection, emotional care, concern, and love. Then a racial Aryan brothers of one consciousness of experiencing life the same; and now I sense a biological connection and I sense Brandon Heath and I are very much similar as biological twins and I sense Brandon Heath has an exact very stressful reaction to sexual arousal as I do; because of the pictures of Brandon Heath of looking to tired to wash his hair to venture out and this is what I meant about having similar life experiences because I do know Aryans prefer to be clean and presentable because one has a renewing feeling each day of getting ready and wash oneself.