Early Morning Of Thursday 1 December 2016; An Angel Visitor Last Night 

I hear an angel had a conversation 

with two Judin it „men“ hermphrodite non mankind inferior degenerates. Now I know the precedence of an Angelic introduction to me; the angel stated my first name, my mother’s maiden name, and my surname. The angel said he was „I am an Angel of the Most High God, Eli Hitler Razcon is the son of God,“ then some conversation with the Judin it „man.“ I did heard the angel spoke of my future wife of Katharina Schuttler that she cried about I suffered too much  and was surprised by my physical ailment of being extremely sexually aroused. I heard the angel spoke to me whispering and the Angel told me there is a connection between „your mom’s song of Sweetland“ and Priceless Glorious song, that God will send me home to London, UK soon. Before then YouTube will be purposely shut down as Instagram did but God will reward me with something else, instead of having YouTube. I was correct about the prophet Mose and Mose laughed at my story of the disappearing roof tiles. The last thing the Angel told me was „sleep now and we love you and your right about that Moses song.“