Evening Prayer For Tuesday 29 November 2016; My Dearly Heavenly Father 

Please end the grief I am under as the grief of today is controlling my reactions for today, I feel in deep sarrow and I had a break of the grief of the hours of listen to the ministry from my Aryan brothers and thank you to my Father who has blessed me with my brothers who care and love me so much of which I become strong by their ministry of love and compassion and I thank you Father God for teaching me much about sex in reference of my mom’s memory of the movie of „Back to the Future,“ of which you my Father God broke the bondage of grief of the miscarriage of love, in that I was able to further emotional bond with my future wife of Katharina Schuttler and it was you God my Father who gave me your breath of life and I was able to ejaculate and this was only possible by your blessing upon me because the grief was too strong. I am thankful for the food you have given me today and I very much enjoyed the potatoes as natural sugar and I enjoyed the symmetry of the potato as it meant to me much sugar or I sensed from you my Father God, you have over blessed me with natural sugar and I sensed your humor too my Father God in each day since yesterday my sugar has been increasing as if God has been communicating to me as if the sudden digestion at this particular moments wouldn’t be enjoyable as I desired it would be because first I need proper nutrients from foods. When though today has been a stressful day for me I am thankful you were with me throughout the grief and it only by your Almighty power portrayed in my life of today which has literally made my day fun, enjoyable, educational, very nutritional foods and good tasting foods it was. I am blessed by Jehovah God for allowing my mom to directly talk to me from Heaven of which everyone in the universe can hear my mom and I am much comforted by her constant presence  and the presence of my maternal Grandmother Eva Braun by her living DNA in me and I am frequently reminded of my maternal Grandmother is physically near me by her DNA. However I do miss my mom, what I miss of my mom was living with her at Seattle and I am reminded of the pictures I have of my mom, my mom was physically weak but strong only because of God’s will and my mom has a very strong soul of which is very noticeable in Heaven but I noticed her strength here too; even though I witnessed  the dying process of my, I sensed my mom’s determination to live forever and it was God’s will for my mom to leave because God blessed me by giving my mom herself permission to leave me and my mom allowed permission of herself to be sent to Heaven because my mom sensed her death was God’s will, I didn’t know my mom was to pass but I did say my last goodbyes to her as if it was the last time I was to see her alive before my mom went to Heaven and other things I miss of my mom was her teasing such as today; I saw pictures of Brandon Heath messy hair and clothing and I was reminded of how I felt today and I was reminded of how my mom would teased me today if she were to see me go out of the apartment such as I looked today; my mom would say to me, „you look horrible, you haven’t taken a shower today and you are going out on the streets like that, if you didn’t take a shower why don’t you rest today, because you are too tired; aren’t you?