Tuesday 29 November 2016; Today I Have Been Very Busy I Need To Comfort Myself With The Grief Of Miscarriage Of Love And Writing Posts Of My Perfect To Will Be Wife Of Katharina Schuttler In An Attempt To Win Her Back From The Loss I Feel From The Miscarriage Of Love; This Post Is My Continuance Of My Thanks Sacrifice Towards God; Starting With Events Of Yesterday Monday 28 November 2016

This is my Thanks offering towards Jehovah God; thank you my Father for providing me with a very delicious and nutritious dinner I had last night and I was satisfied with the sweet tasting bread I had but I still desire to eat donuts of the small white frosted donuts and small sized chocolate donuts. The dinner satisfied my hunger for several hours and I am thankful for being well nourished. Even though I was sort of disappointed in not being able to attend last night’s prayer service, I knew the service would benefit me because of the severity I sense of an later arrival of a  syncope and it was of a benefit to received ministry from my Aryan brothers of being comfortable and their ministry was of a great benefit because I had very minimal of feeling emotional stress but the syncope occurred within 15 minutes of first resting on the bed in addition in helping to comfort me was the teaching of the Centering Prayer and I am very grateful God has lead me to Bellingham because now my relationship with God is very deep and comfortable as the result of the Centering Prayer and I very much enjoy talking to God as my Father from his son, I enjoy the comforts I sense by God’s Holy Ghost when I complain of the littlest of my complaint such as the donuts because as the Perfect Father of Jehovah God; I know my Father will provide for all of my desire of which God has been blessing me of giving of what I desire and my Father has even has been aiding me on what I desire such as the grief I sensed by the miscarriage of love was the main factor of the feeling of hindrance of a blockage in further bonding with Katharina Schuttler and now God has answered last night’s prayer of removing the blockage and now the relationship I have with Katherine Schuttler is deeply strengthing as I very much enjoy the sexual imagery of emotional bonding with Katharina Schuttler. God also is giving me for food to eat; so much food in fact of which I couldn’t eat lunch for today but I will have dinner at the Baptist church at Flora street „if God wills it,“ my mom said this term instead of saying „if it is God’s will.“