Der Heilige Evangelitum, Psalm 46, 11. Seid stille und erkennt, das ich Gott bin! Ich will mich erheben unter den Volkern ich mich erheben auf Erden. Psalm 46: 10. Be still and know that I am God. Monday 28 November 2016; Lectio Divina Or Lecture Divine I Have Discovered At The Assumption Church 

Sight by the Holy Ghost alone

The name of Jesus Christ rebukes the Satan children; the racial Judin Elizabeth Pedersen become more indoctrinated by Rick Warren’s book of „Purpose Driven Life“ as well as the „Narnia“ movies
Jehovah God Himself is teaching how Satan used Eisegesis during the former USA which lead to widespread Satan worship by one factors of the „Purpose Driven Life“ as well as the movies of „Narnia“ which lead to the satanic indoctrination of the Anti Christ Itself Of The Judin Hermphrodrite

I am the child of Jehovah God

Jehovah Himself gave the therapy I wanted at the Assumption Church this morning at the Centering Prayer. Firstly my mom taught me the proper usage of a Rosery necklace because my mom told me she had one when she was young. My mom explained the beads of the necklace were to concentrate on prayer since specific prayer to God can be overwhelming with a sense of too much to communicate of prayers. My mom described show a bead can to used a to maintain one’s focus on one detailed prayer, then by touching the next bead, it is a reminder of a to continue with another prayer and that the Rosery necklace has nothing to do with Idolatry worship, as my mom explained to me a method of reminder notes similar to tying a thread upon one’s finger. For me, I very much enjoy Central Prayer because for me, it is the same as memory notes of direct prayers to God, I am in constant communication with God, as I frequently communicate to God; what should I do with this or what about that, but for me, I have another definition of prayer, of asking God what is bothering me of any situation and at the emotions of feeling stressed of the situation I am reminded of the verse seid stille und erkennt, das Gott ich bin. That verse is similar of the bead of which I am able to maintain my concentration to ask details of how I noticed of Satan’s involvement in situation in which in those demonic situation I am able to rebuke them in the name of Jesus Christ. I do have other separate times of my strengthens nervousness of I communicate to God of which I am reminded of Bible verses of God Himself became nervous at the Garden and I allow myself to sense nervousness but my consciousness is focus in God’s Holy Ghost of feeling God’s protection comfort of promises stated in the Bible. I am reminded of Centering Prayer feels much as the feeling I sensed when I visited English Bay at Vancouver; because at English Bay beach, I noticed the creation of God’s in much details as if God gives my occasions of having a detailed connection by His Holy Ghost of sensing and feeling God’s creation around me and I sense at times, of all creation around me having a worship service to God, such as the ocean waves, the birds singing, trees themselves moving for praising God, the weather itself does praise God too, and the geographic earth praises God of which I sense all of these combined acts or sacrifices of worshiping. During the Centering Prayer a verse is spoken and one Biblically meditates on the verse in which God Himself commicate in symmetry because I chose the word I am ready or I am here; for the first couple of minutes I was reminded of God’s message of „I make everything new again“ and I noticed how much I have gain in knowledge in God, since my practice of my own to will become Centering Prayer occasion to talk with God and God told me in my prayers in the Centering Prayer, „I am your Father and talk to me as your Father“ referring to all the details of needs and wants I desire along with complain I dislike of the demonic possessed corpse and the malicious incidents the demons are involved to me, and with God being me Father I can discuss through prayer to God to rebuke the children of Satan and my desire of God to punish them with my desire of what I want the demons to be punished because God is my Father and God wants me to be totally free to communicate to Him everything I desire because it is God’s manifestation of His love for me as I am a child of Jehovah God and God does desire to me to talk with Him as a child about every need I sense and to request the needs to Jehovah God. Today during the Centering Prayer I complained to God of food but my own version of complaining of I wish I can have food cooked as my mom cooked, I feel much hunger and I want more food as my mom prepared the food, the food I have now doesn’t satisfies my longing of hunger and can I have much food as I did on Thanksgiving Day to last a little longer? About my Aryan Supremacist brothers, can you help in them ministering to me because I am beginning to miss them again? Can you rebuke the demonic possession of the corpse of the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite at the Drop In Center to literally kill their sceems of collective Satan usage in set up situations of malicious to me and kill the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodites in the name of Jesus Christ rebuke them!!! Today at the library God answered one of my prayers for food and I saw a note of a public feast this weekend at the University at Bellingham. I thank God for the food He has planed to give me and I thank God for His Wrath is to be manifested in the His killing judgements upon the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite sadomaschists at the Drop In Center at which the satanic abuse was spoken to me as a symmetry word of the „H&M“ store isn’t holy as the symbolic satanic impurities originates at the Drop In Center because of the congregated demons who lives in living cursed dead bodies of the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite  sadomaschists. I do know God Himself hates the non mankind inferior degenerate Hermphrodite Sadomaschmists because God has rejected them to their first death of living in corpse of bodies which God cursed the bodies to malfunction, of the main course of God upon the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite are starvation by lack of the corpse intake of nutrients of food of which only manufactured sugars are the only foods the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite sadomaschist are able to intake. God Jehovah Himself has cursed the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite in not to have reproductive parts and are therefore sterile!!! I have noticed the Holy Ghost was the one who asked my mom about the Catholic questions because if I didn’t asked my mom those questions of the Catholics my mom would had taught me of the Bible based Catholicism and because of what my mom taught me, I  would been attending the Assumption Church current because at the time, except for the last two years of my mom’s life, Evangelical of the Bible were mainly worshiped at non designated Catholic churches such as the Church Of Christ Of Prophecy of which my mom and I left because they no longer taught about God but of worshiping authors in place of Jesus as the Warren author become and idol of literal worship at the Church Of God Of Prophecy as well as at the Capitol Christian Center at Rancho Cordova, CA plus in those same churches the Satan worship of the movie „Narnia“ was popular but the satanic worshipping was denied as the Satan children lied Narnia was able Jesus‘ crucifixion. Now I have found an evangelical church at the Assumption Church; as the Bible’s definition of Evangelical is the Gospel or a church which has its teachings and sermons based on the Word of God and even the book of „Psalms of Prayers“ are only Bible verse in the book of Psalms and I admire the Christians who bought the book for being strict on paraphrased verses are not treated as the Bible in reference to the book of „Psalms of Prayers“ because the author has paraphrased the verses and yet the author of „Psalms of Prayers“ isn’t worshiped as the Warren author was widely worshiped. The Satanic false prophet of Rick Warren author of „Purpose Driven Life.“