Evening Of Sunday 27 November 2016; Insane Stupidity Comment Stated By A Demonic Possessed Mestizin „Man“ It Bitch Living Corpse 

The Mestizin are demon possessed corpse and are sterilized by the curse of Jehovah God on the mestizin
The demon possessed corpse of the Mestizin „men“ it bitches don’t know this fact because they are dickless and sterile; the man’s penis is a muscles and during sex the man has an orgasm in which semen is ejaculated through the penis, the semen has sperm in which the sperm fertilizes the woman’s egg which was released by her ovum the fertilized egg then developes into a baby and 9 months later a baby is born as the result of becoming one flesh of the man and woman of their DNA
A picture of my future biological grandson Paulus Razcon of the result of my sperm in the future of to will be fertilized egg of Katharina Schuttler or sex
My Maternal Grandmother Eva Braun had sex with my maternal Grandfather Adolf Hitler of which their one flesh union became my mom Maria Hitler Razcon
My Father Prince Charles who had sex with my mom in the year of 1980 of the union of becoming one flesh is the result of myself
My paternal Grandmother Elizabeth Razcon

Some mestizin „man“ bitch of a living corpse said some stupidity insane comment, in which I responded with the basics of Jehovah God’s curse upon that mestizin „man“ bitch. I explained to the Mestizin „man“ bitch, the mestizin „men“ are literally dickless and sterile, of which the mestizin agreed with because the mestizin „man“ bitch saw the silhouette of my male genitalia of ingranate a fertile woman of which the mestizin „bitch“ man has never personaly witnessed! Today is the morning of Monday 28 November 2016, since I have a pointless appointment with „Carson“ I plan to reschedule the appointment, the appointment is for a worthless „waiting list“ for the „Friendship House“ At Mount Vernon, WA but I sensed to relocate to Mount Vernon will be more of a burden then helpful, since Mount Vernon is a town and I will become isolated by Bellingham with no access to the Bellingham church nor free WiFi at Mount Vernon, thus I will cancel both appointments with „Carson“ and „Lucas.“ About the „Lucas,“ God has answered another of my need of being lonely and even of the „Lucas“ was an appropriate profession behaving „counselor,“ I still wouldn’t need to be seen by the „Lucas.“ This morning after 8 am, I plan to perminantely cancel both appointments with the „Carson“ Judin hermphrodite sadomaschist who is demon possessed corpse, and the „Lucas“ who is a Mestizin hermphrodite sadomaschist demon possessed corpse! In the name of Jesus Christ rebuke the and let your wrath be manifested on all „personnel“ at Unity Care Northwest, let God’s wrath be manifested upon the town of Mount Vernon and the friendship House; because the Bible states nothing can separate us from the love of God and in an attempted set up to remove me from God’s love; God wrath WILL BE manifested again!!!