Finally I Was Able To Emotionally Bond With The Prophet On A Personal Connection By Jokes Of Hiding Lost Roof Tiles To Become Noticeably Unobtainable; Lost Roof Tiles Driven Off The Roof By Very Strong Yearly Wind Events Of Winds Of Over 70 Miles Per Hour At The Pacific Northwest 

With this picture of this man; I was finally able to emotionally connect with the prophet Mose, by joke of this pictured man, about stealing and purposely hiding roof tiles by storm drive debris; as to send an impression the winds were strong enough not only to remove roof tiles but to considerably move the roof tiles to a geographical location out of view and therefore unobtainable to reclaim and repair the roof of its missing roof tiles.
This is the prophet Mose of I sense a similar trouble maker of grabbing wind driven lost roof tiles and hiding the roof tiles as a joke to the residents to believe the wind was incredibly strong as to send times to vanish by the distance carried by the strength of the winds.
As if the winds in strength were strong enough to carry loose items such as the lost roof tiles as far as the East is from the west