Saturday 26 November 2016: A Final Location To Rebuke Another Legion Of Demons At The Mestizin Building Of Religious Laws Of The Seventh Day Adventist Church At Alabama Street At Bellingham Washington 

Early this morning I noticed another demonic geographic connection between the geographical location of the Seventh Day Adventist church at Alabama Street in relation to the Mestizin „couple,“ my mom and visited at Auburn, California. The demonic geographic similarities to Lucille who was one of the members who had some sort of Satanic indoctrination with Peter Jacobs, whether is introducing a Satanic situation of the future of the Anti Christ or introducing demons to Peter Jacobs as form of non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite demon possessed corpse of bodies. Although the service is spoken in the Mestizin dialect, the pronunciation of the names‘ of Biblical books are similar to the German language in which I am able to obtain the scriptures then read the scriptures and compare the scriptures of the Satanic mannerism of the demon possessed corpse of the Mestizin who attends the Seventh Day Adventist church at Alabama Street; in the name of Jesus Christ rebuke the legion of demons at Seventh Day Adventist church and I order you to be sent to hell as your final judgement is this and to the demon possessed corpse of the Seventh Day Adventist church I order to be sent to your second death and go to hell in Jesus Christ’s name. Psalm 50, 1-7 is Biblical confirmation of Jehovah God’s rebuke through me as I am the vessel of Jehovah God Himself.