„Church Of The Assumption“ At Bellingham, Washington 

There are now two objectives in a witness ministry I am currently working on. I made first contact with individuals associated with the „Church Of The Assumption.“ It is likely many of the Judin hermphrodrite corpse of the individuals were demon possessed with some regression of the Judin corpse as in a form of hysteria of laughter. I was somewhat surprised by the majority of the Judin individuals were verbally confessing the „church“ is into the religious laws. I had a sense of awkwardness of the demons; because of my innocence, I have yet to completely understand demon possession; for instance, the curiousity of the Judin hermphrodrite possessed corpse, is there times, in which, the physical Judin themselves sees me without the activation of its demon? I did noticed a very strong spiritual fight of Jehovah God clensing the gym from the demonic entities. I have also noticed, there are much more demons in the spiritual who numbers the cursed corpse of the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite, of which I can feel around in the form of chaos and when the chaos feeling starts, then I sense the wrath of Jehovah God. I sensed God’s wrath of destroying the demons but at the same time of the destruction of the demon possessed corpse; God encourages or play with me by God’s Nazi sense of humor and it is very funny! Often prophetic in warnings of near future manifestion of the demon of its corpse possessed non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite. For instance yesterday, a chink woman served dinner and God controled the chink in avoiding to see me and I was reminded of the book of Genesis of one factor of man’s sexual arousal of the foods written in the first chapter of the book of Genesis and only Aryan are able to reproduce, and because of the laws of Jehovah God of the biology; the metallic lid shut by God very strictly and the small sized metal door slammed shut with such perfection, then a religious laws Judin hermphrodite  „female“ it disappeared into nothingness, here on Earth but I knew the Judin disappeared by God’s wrath. For the first time, I completely comprehend what pastor Dave spoke of sin can’t abide near God’s presents and Pastor Dave explained sin is instantly enimuated in God’s presents. I did know of current instance of God wrath of God’s manifestation of His Wrath as the Old Testament but I haven’t witnessed situation of God’s wrath manifested until I moved to Vancouver, British Columbia in reference of people dropping dead at McDonald’s and Vancouver Library and non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite were massively disappearing, especially around Hastings street. It wasn’t until after I had the dream of Satan of his conversation at me of which I completely understand God’s presents in me and around me. This is how I completely comprehend God’s presents in me; during the dream I sensed my physical body at its location but at the same time, I was with Jehovah God Almighty, God is in me and literally around me and I was able to visually see that during my dream. In my dream, I was in space, without any stars, comos nothing, I saw a twilight darkness of a cosmosless space with moderate brightness of light fogginess I sensed omnitemporal and omnipresents, the omnitemporal were images of Satan of multiple instances in times, for instance during my dream Satan never turned to look at me but at the same time, I have a „mug shot“ of Satan at the time of Satan’s conversation at me, as if in another location Satan was where I wasn’t that was where Satan spoke to me, as if God carried me with him to see Satan of Jehovah God’s strict terms of His Almighty protection which I described the feeling of omnipresent. Then it was God Jehovah Himself who suddenly ended the dream of which I may be able to describe in a very quick; in a twinkling of an eye; a vision I saw Jesus holding me in Heaven. The emptiness comos of space does occur frequently when I am awake but irregularly at times of everything instantly vanishing and everyone else does noticed what I have termed a second of when everything is shortly destroyed, but those times of everything instantly vanishing does take a second and during my dream the vision was much less than one second, because I have the other instances of everything instantly vanishing at a sort of „programmed“ stop watch of memories. I also have a responsibility to learn the basics of the Anti Christ as the comprehend the social interaction of the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite at the Church Of The Assumption; I do know it is God’s will of some similarities of social interaction at the Church Of The Assumption and incidents of the Anti Christ of the time he lived at Sacramento. The connection themselves are very complex. First Peter Pedersen who has a „mother“ named Lucille, she is the religious laws Judin synagogue via a „Catholic“ Church at rural East of metro Sacramento. Peter Pedersen has connections to technology for the eventuality  of some sort of demonic virus of 666 computer program. „Elizabeth“ Pedersen had connection of the Mestizin Zenrum of another religious laws of a „Catholic“ Church. The geographic location of Auburn, CA is significant because of some connection of a former mestizin „church“ which was located at Roseville, CA of the Mestizin dialect is a noticeable connection in additional of geographically of Auburn of being a significance I need to learn of, the mestizin „church“ at Roseville, CA does play a connection, probably via „Elizabeth“ Pedersen because, for some reason the leader of the Mestizin „Church“ was fixated on sharing audio recorded video, he claimed were taken at the literal geographic entrance to hell.  One of Jehovah God’s purpose for me to visit the „Church Of The Assumption“ is to severely rebuke a group of demonic legion which are currently housed at the „Church“ in the possessed corpse of the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite who attends the „Church.“ To severely rebuke means to both give the demonic group of legion their final judgement and to go to hell in the name of Jesus Christ, in addition to the final and second death of the corpse of the bodies in which the demons of Legion currently inhabit of the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite, at the „Church Of The Assumption.“ In an irony but perhaps purposely as to not insult Jehovah God Himself; my role as the son of God was omitted in the Excorcist Movie; the movie of a child which a physical resemblance very similar to the real Anti Christ of the Peter Jacobs. I have also noticed the Satan has been stalking and following the happenings of all of my ancestors since my first biological parents of Adam and Eve and for this stalking is the reason Peter Jacobs biological ancestors arrived to America because of all the Biblical prophecies of America being a temporary location of my residency around 3 decades out of 2 thousand years remaining before the rapture. Peter Jacob is a racial cursed bastard of „his“ ancestor of a Old Testament „priest“ who committed sins of insults against God as sacrifices which were given to demons; in the name of Jesus Christ rebukes that. Psalm 50, 1-6 are scriptures of Jehovah God’s rebuke against the Church Of The Assumption through me, as I am God’s vessel and I WILL carry out God’s final judgement upon these non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite demon possessed corpse and its‘ demons themselves too.