Friday 25 November 2016; 4:06 Am, A Dream I Had Before I Recently Awoke

Less in one hour, I had another dream of feeling the omnipresents on locations at one geographical location. In my dream, I was at the California’s central valley. My dream started while I was looking east at a dried out grass lands of interior Sacramento valley as if East Sacramento metro, around Foothills farms, except for the ground was geographical flat but thick as to compare another location of a boy who was search for something in the knee high bacteria dried mold of some sort of vegetation of a former central valley lagoon. At the East Sacramento metro location, I sensed my mom’s compassion and love as if the location was where our Foothills Farms apartment was located, but there were any structural debris of earthquakes but a grasslands of low level grass of not so dead grass as the yellow tender grass of Sacramento county during the summer, typical grass as when the grass is commencing it growth during the rain season. In the Sacramento location it was around 9 am, at this season because there were darkness of clouds and darkness of morning of limiting the sunshine, but still very bright of daylight. At the east, where the Sierra  (a clue of the Diabolical current location of the Anti Christ) was Jehovah God Himself protection of a bright glowness the growing was much brighter than the glowing of fog at the trinkling of an eye image I had during Monday’s morning dream of Satan instantly vanishing as God Jehovah wrath was manifested in my protection at that exact instant and I had a sight of the Jesus picture but the image was very vague and I didn’t see myself with Jesus, I did see Jesus Himself as a very compassionate man of was spiritually masculine with a thickness of head with dark brown hair, with the white cloth and the vagueness of a blue ribbon around himself but beyond in distance, the image of Jesus was a nearby glowing fogness, similar to the „sight“ picture of Sleeping At Last, the location was a very delicate very well organized garden of shrubs, short trees, and small pink: red roses my mom planted, where she cared for here on Earth. In this morning’s dream, I felt it was reversed in the bright fogness felt very geographically nearby but by sight, the bright fogness was somewhere East of the entire Sierra Nevada mountain range, because the Sierra Nevada mountains were gone, as I sensed a geographical closeness of Foothills Farms as it is nearby the mountain range. I didn’t dreamt my clothing but I did feel similar clothing to what I have know and the climate was suitable for my clothing, meaning it wasn’t warm but coolish. The next part, I should described what happened on Thanksgiving Day of when a female Judin offered me cinnamon rolls but I first sensed innocent excitement of eating the cinnamon rolls which at that moment I didn’t noticed any danger from the Judin female and I thought about and I sensed a Satanic danger as the intention was severely Satanic of the Judin female trickery of my innocence but to what is important is not knowing of danger at first; after, the Sacramento images, I turned geographically to the south,  to where, it was latter of daylight and I saw knee high grass, I saw mostly cloudy middle level cloudiness of status clouds of a upper atmosphere cold air mass but still the Sacramento air mass, it was near noon and the sky was reddish as if the sun was rising with the reddnes of the strongness of the current solar radiation. I was playing on the grass of how I play now of pretended of squares of the floor at the Drop In Center, I I continued my steps southward, (here is where innocence of very important to understand how I felt in my dream) of which I heard a combination of insects and some diabolical unison noice, I turned to my right to the West and I saw a young looking child but advanced in consciousness which meant he of maturity of consciousness of mature of mannerism, perhaps as an adult. The child was looking for something diabolical in the grass of which he turned to glare South of my physical location as of some sort of interruption of his diabolical searching as he did noticed me but not my physical self because of the child noticed me physical he would had looked at his East north east to where I was located by Monday’s morning dream at the East South eat was from the Anti Christ „man;“where Satan was located while Satan spoke to me. This morning dream, the child disappeared at the exact moment where the sounds to the child East South eat and his nearby proximity are of the combinations of sounds turned into school of butterflies and I stared to the butterflies with the curiousity of the innocence of a child of which I felt fascinated by but I turned away naturally and I continued my short adventure of exploring the grass lands of the playing steps on the ground, I did now, the property of the grass lands were locations of a house in a neighborhood of a San Joaquin valley location of low lying thinness of soil compared to the thicker soil at Foothills Farms. The location was a former more recent lagoon compared to the destroyed neighborhood and I sensed the Sierra Nevada mountains were far of distance such as the junction of Highway 33 & Highway 152 are far West from the mountains of the Sierra and the bright foginess was even farther in comparison to the precise location at Sacramento but still the bright foginess was located at the same geographical location of the foginess of East of the Sierra Nevada of which the child know of something of the foginess because the child did glanced at that same direction of which the child became angered and disappeared from my dream; it was the wrath of God being manifested during that specific time of the child looking at his east; while the glaring of the child I sensed deeply hygienic disgusting of a general (to mean some sort of leader of the possessed demonic Judin who has yet to have their second death of being sent to hell of the hellhole of a biological entity.) The child did behaved as Peter Jacob in maturity but the face as been altered. The child has the same hair color as Peter Jacob and curly but the was as altered compared to the image of the Anti Christ but again, facial detailes in this morning’s dream were vague compared to the Anti Christ’s face of the dream, I had Monday morning but he was the same physical height of the Anti Christ in Monday’s morning dream because as I stated, the grass was near knee height plus of the vantage point of my height and the child was kneeling on the grass. After, the child disappeared, I remained for a short while exploring the few yards of grass lands of where I knew of the house plan of which the house was located to the south was a small creek like pound of which was the house southernmost location of where the child looked at that direction before he vanished, I then walked a few yards North and knowing the house’s blue prints, I knew the division of the wall between the living room and a bedroom; the living room  was the southern most room of the house of faces East; the other side of the wall of the living room was the north bedroom, also the eastern side of the house, I crossed into the bedroom while looking at the grass lands, I said, „so this is the bedroom and within seconds and about two more steps into the bedroom the dream ended. The house’s layout wasn’t physically on the grass lands but I saw black slashes of lines portrayed on the grass lands of the house’s walls.