My Appointment With „Carson ‚BA'“ At Unity Care Northwest At Bellingham, Washington On Monday 28 November 2016

I sense besides of the „medical“ treatment at Unity Care Northwest will be limited to the visits of Adelaide and I sensed because of Satan direct involvement in my life; Jehovah God has now willed events to be drastically changed in how I sense near term events will turn out to be. I sense God Jehovah has stopped the severity of the Armand events to such a strict degree in which some unknown event will stop an herd mentality of an reenactment of some sort of Armand ideology based discrimination against me, in either something occurring during the sessions such as an „client emergency“ or some unknown event of the concelation of the appointment, the personification of the diabolical Armand is of the Mestizin demon possessed corpse of Lucas of which an appointment on 2 Friday December 2016. I noticed in how Jehovah God doesn’t even desire for me even to attempt to be seen by a false liscensed „psychiatrist,“ the strict events has lead to a non professional of Lucas at Unity Care Northwest which I may compare it to „lay minister.“ Because in the medical profession „counselor“ isn’t a legally liscensed classification. The legal classification of a „counselor“ is therapist and some letters of „education“ degree such as Carson ‚BA‘ means bachelor of Arts plus a licenced title such as Doctorate In Philosophy and a pyschriatrist has a Doctorate In Philosophy to practice the medicine of psychology and Medical doctor to actually prescribe medication, but most psychiatrist omits the medical doctor in their business cards but the law does required for psychiatrist to picture wall their medical of doctorate „education“ diplomas. In a typical psychiatrist office many diplomas are visable with the basic Medical Doctor diploma and a Doctorate In Philosophy which is psychology. In the practice of medical psychology the basic diploma of Medical Doctor is required by law before one may obtain a diploma of Doctorate In for the purpose of prescribing medication. Adelaide is only a nurse and doesn’t even has the diploma for a practicing doctor and the basic prescription nurses are allowed to prescribe are over the counter medicine such as my allergy medicine and petroleum lotion for my feet.