Dream Of A Demon Spoke To Me

My mom told me, to tell her all of my dreams, especially the dreams based on the Bible because my mom told me she may be able to ask questions of the dream, in order for I to comprehend the meaning of the dream. About two mornings past I dreamt of a visiting demon, A helper of the old man who wore glasses but in my dream, the person next to me wasn’t an old man but a satanic replica of myself of a tired young man in the demonic spirit of wearing black clothing. The demon helped his young satanic replica to the floor and the main demon spoke to me, after he placed his young man to the mat and the demon was on my right side and the demon told me „we know who you are, you are the son of God, you know we can’t feel any of the sexual feelings, and you are right about you Aryan Supremacist brothers; but you are the most handsome man in the world, we know you don’t believe in boasting yourself, and you know that too of yourself.“ Then the dream ended. For me, the dream is just a confirmation of satan’s usage of the Armands as a futile effort to imitate Jehovah God. While the demon spoke I sense the protection from God Himself and I sensed a severe limit upon the demon’s own will as the Bible states of Jehovah God placing limits on everything of „here and no farther.“ I didn’t sensed any malicious teasing by the conversation of the demon but I sense the demon was provoking God Jehovah Himself to a fight, because the demon wasn’t actually taking to me but Jehovah God Himself through me, and envious from the demon of which the demon only has junk of corpse to possessed, I sensed envious from the demon of Jehovah God’s Nazi perfection of my created body. In response of the demon, I have your response, I do know your minor pathetic demon possessed corpse can’t talk for you yourself, I am the son of God anoited by God’s Holy Ghost and I do know the final victory through Jesus at the point of the rapture at the instant of Jesus Christ’s second coming. By the facts of the final victory through Jesus against Satan, I do rejoice in Jesus Christ. In the name of Jesus Christ rebuke the you Satan; and here is my response to you; the intentions of your stupidity is greatly noticed in stating facts of Jehovah God Himself through me,  for only Jehovah God can love me and Jehovah God is my Creator. In your attempt to copy Jehovah God my creator, you have personally demonstrated the opposite of your copy of intention of Jehovah God and you have openly stated by your own stupidity your attributes are nothing but cursed degenerate junk of which Jehovah God has cursed you Satan by not having any feelings and you can only obtain hatred and fruits of the flesh for your own child of your own anti christ!