Unity Care Northwest Appointment Of „Lucas“

It may be asked, why don’t I just avoid the future mestizin Armand junk of Lucas, to which; the response is the situation is unavoidable, if I did cancel my appointment with Lucas, another similar situation will occur at a later time, and Jehovah God is teaching me the future Anti Christ by his current day children of the Armands and now I now the Mestizin junk of its will teach me another attribute of the future Anti Christ and I know Jehovah God will protect me from the Mestizin Armand because Jehovah God has always protected me

Friday the 2nd of December, I have an appointment with a „counselor“ designated as „Lucas.“In two days, is the Christian holiday of Thanksgiving. I do know I will only have one appointment with „Lucas“ because of the stupidity of the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite of not comprehending the Anglo Saxon Language, plus anti heterosexualism discrimination based on anti white racism; especially since, I do know Unity Care Northwest does has anti heterosexual based discrimination of what I witnessed during my appointment yesterday and I wrote a post of all the stupidity of the insanity of cultural ideas Unity Care Northwest has for „sexualism,“ in addition of Unity Care Northwest of being very stubbornly insisting on the „employees“ usage of both the American dialect and the Mestizin dialect. The commercialism of the Mestizin dialect is very strange, even in Seattle, which is one the world’s major cities, probably ties with London United Kingdom of being a city of world importance. Compared to Seattle; Bellingham is a city but to consider to such an influence Seattle has, thus, the commercialism of the Mestizin culture is much considerably out of porportion to the few mestizin of population, here at the Pacific Northwest. Even though the Pacific Northwest doesn’t have local earthquakes but global large earthquakes are felt constantly, It would make more sense of a culture of „earthquakism“ than the commercialism of the Mestizin culture! I only wanted a therapist to talk to because even though I hate the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite, I do become very lonely and at the rare instances during a somewhat normal conversation, I sensed a end of the loneliness and I become cheerful for a short while. I do know „Lucas“ will advertise unknown sadomaschmism against me because Jehovah God is being strict in giving me warnings such as last week’s mestizin activities of the religious law junk, the precedence of the Armand mestizin of yesterday and today, to where Jehovah God is warning me of some sort of Armand ideology based discrimination against me, by „Lucas.“